Having your choice of setup outside your home is not only soothing to your eyes but also gives a charming impression to your guests. People love to breathe in to the fresh smell of the foliage or watch aesthetic water features juxtaposed with the outdoor elements. The choice of natural or artificial elements in landscaping varies from person to person, but there are certain aspects that more or less everyone can connect to.

No matter whether your courtyard or backyard is small or you have a sprawling patio –with thoughtful designs, you can give the outdoor landscape a sophisticated look so that anyone that visits or stays over, feels at home.


Here are the unique ideas gathered from around the globe to help you in proper decoration of the landscape:

Rustic Walls Or Add Some Foliage in public parks or private gardens

Landscaping are important practice that is necessary to beautify the surrounding. Public parks or areas mostly need landscape designer to provide an attractive and well-designed area. Private gardens bungalows or residential complexes use different kinds of plants and shrubs in the garden areas. Foliages and rustic walls together improve the oxygen supply when tall trees are not around.

Add A Koi Pond Or Bird Box With Feeder

Giving some life to your otherwise non-moving garden can cheer your mind up and this can be thoroughly planned with the plants in your garden. For example, you can create a staircase with stones and add succulents on each step that follows down to a koi pond where you can keep some aquatic plants to help circulating oxygen for the fish.

In places where rain and snowfall are frequent, landscaping can be done in the style of the Eden where you can hang some birdboxes from the tree branches or tie them around the pillars. Keep a ceramic bowl with bird food and a bowl of water on the railings for birds to drink and take bath.

Paving And Edging

Edging is one of the most important parts in garden or backyard landscaping because it helps you to arrange certain elements of the space in a perfect harmony to save space. Common materials used in edging are marble, granite, brick and even plants like lavender, rain lilies, hydrangea, rose, portulaca and so on. You can create pavements with stone steps or go for offset pavers. Those with penchant for gardening can highlight certain plants by adding same type of potted plants along the pathway, especially during blooming season.

Dining Or Relaxing Area In The Garden

Judging on the weather and sunlight, you can either go for a roofed patio or an open-air seating area on the lawn surrounded by plants. The use of colours play a great role in landscaping and that is why you should thoughtfully choose the cushions or fabric or the couches and chairs kept at the seating area. Add a hammock or a swing to give it a cozy look and make sure you do not go for large dining tables if the overall space is small. Same goes for the porch section where you can add awning, a few chairs, plants and proper lighting.

Playing with the colors and heights of the trees are not enough the quality of the soil and its response to the growing areas are also part of the landscape work.

Apart from these, the driveway and walkway, whatever you incorporate, should be well-lit and made of durable surface so that you do not have to change the surface within a few years. A fountain or a pool can also be great addition to sunny backyards. Be it walls or plants, water features or pond –make sure you maintain them properly.