There are a few important things to think about before you begin north shore landscaping, regardless of whether you want to remodel your landscape or just make a few tweaks.

If you’ve never done landscaping before, it can be stressful to try to take on a project, but planning ahead and carefully weighing your alternatives will help you decide what’s best for you. The following are our key considerations before you start landscaping;


Site Evaluation

Your landscaping strategy should start with a site investigation, identifying all the important factors that could have an impact on the design. Use the general size and contour of your landscape as a starting point for your design while taking special attention of elements like slopes or peaks.

To decide where to group plants according to their water requirements, examine the drainage patterns and conduct a moisture test on the soil.

Make a list of everything that is already on your land and categories it into what can be recycled, reused, or transformed.

Take notice of the extent of shadows at different times since the amount of sun and shade your landscape receives will have a big impact on its distinct environment throughout the year.

You may strategically position trees and plants to block wind or direct it for cooling breezes by studying the wind.


Make a list of your needs and wants, and consider who will use your landscape and how. How do you intend to use your landscape?

  • Make a play area for the children.
  • a veggie garden
  • Create a patio
  • keep animals
  • Construct a fun outdoor space.
  • Incorporate a pool
  • simply love gardening

If you simply cannot abide how your environment now appears, use short-term fixes for the time being. Making decisions about your landscape too hastily can result in long-term mistakes.


Keep in mind that depending on how much and for how long your landscape receives sun and shade, the particular circumstances may probably be different.

As the ambient temperature, light levels, noise levels, and wind are significantly influenced by the trees and plants in a landscape, properly placed plants can also be used to change your environment.


Looking at your home’s architecture is a great place to start when choosing a theme for your garden. A general design or theme can unify your environment and provide direction for plant placement and selection.

Work around a focal point, which could be a sculpture that is new or old or a gorgeous plant or tree, and try to compliment the shapes and design of your home’s architecture in your landscape.

Building And Implementation.

Are you aware of the exact location of the utility wires in your backyard? Even little digging projects have the potential to harm property and interrupt services, costing money in fines and repairs. Before you dig or submit an inquiry, get in touch with north shore landscaping company to prevent potential damage.

Alternatively, contact the North Shore landscaping team, which consists of dependable contract partners as well as in-house designers, project managers, and craftspeople.