Salt Lake Valley experiences hot summers with little rainfall. Drought conditions make lawns difficult to maintain.

Doing this on your own can be very time-consuming. This means that you need a company you can trust with excellent services.

Keep reading to learn the five signs that you found the best lawn care company in Utah.

lawn care

1. Credentials

Just as you would with any other service, look for a legitimate company that can show credentials.

Utah requires landscapers to hold an S330 landscaping contractor license. This tells you that they completed 25 hours worth of coursework on safety, business management, business law, and more. You can feel comfortable that an accredited landscaper understands business and will do better work than somebody who does not bother to work legally.

This license also tells you that they hold up to $300,000 in liability insurance. So if an accident happens at your home, they can afford to cover it.

2. Contracts

When looking for somebody to care for your lawn and landscape, ask about their contract policy. If you only want a specific job, then you may prefer a contract that covers the work for that specifically.

For regular lawn maintenance, you may want a lengthier contract. Seasonal contracts typically work well for both parties. This ensures that your lawn gets cared for at an agreed-upon length and that you do not end up suddenly without lawn service during the summer.

3. Reputation

Any good salesman can snooze you in a one-time meeting. But for landscaping, lawn care, and weed control service, you need somebody trustworthy.

Look at their customer reviews for happy clients that come back year after year. Watch for comments about them doing excellent work.

Also, pay attention to their reliability factor. If they do not show up when they commit to, this can leave you with an unsatisfactory lawn.

4. Equipment Maintenance

How somebody keeps their equipment gives you a good indication of how they will take care of your property. If a company beats on their machinery and never updates, do you think they will care about the way they handle your yard?

Ask how often they maintain their stuff and replace machinery. You may even ask to take a peek at the equipment that they use.

Pay attention to the brands they use as well. They don’t need the most expensive brand names. But using reliable equipment tells about the quality of work they can provide.

5. Cost

How much does the company charge for lawn care? For many Americans, especially during this time of inflation, cost matters.

Get a clear quote upfront. Then call a couple more reliable companies to price check.

You might also Google the average cost of lawn care in your area. Opt for a median price. While you do not want to overpay, huge price cuts can indicate lower quality work.

Lawn Care Matters

When you walk outside every morning, you want to feel proud of the property you keep. Plus, neighbors care a great deal about lawn care as it affects the value of their home as well.

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