Decorating entails more than just picking the appropriate hue or attempting to fit that ideal piece of furniture or family sculptures figurines into your space. In many situations, it is also about how we feel and establishing a flow that will make you feel good about your living environment.

This kind of design is known as Feng Shui, a Chinese concept that has been practiced for thousands of years. It helps to balance the home or workplace space and can produce a flow that is claimed to help you live with more good energy in your environment.

Putting an elephant at the entryway is one of the aspects that may be connected with Feng Shui. According to, the elephant signifies strength, wisdom, and good fortune in many civilizations. In certain traditions, it is also connected with fertility.

Elephant Statue

Because Feng Shui involves placing objects on purpose, the elephant might have been placed there for a reason.

In other words, seeing an elephant figure inside someone’s front entrance at their house or workplace might imply one of two things.

Why Is There an Elephant Near the Front Door?

An elephant family sculpture figurines represent power, wisdom, good fortune, and fertility in many civilizations. As Feng Shui is thoughtful about how objects are arranged in the home, the concept of decorating goes beyond the surface level of aesthetics.

Elephant family sculptures figurines put near the house’s front door have two meanings.

  1. When the elephant statue in the entryway facing away from the door attracts good fortune.

The home is guarded by an elephant facing it. It protects your home from all types of harmful energy.

  1. Though put with meaning, elephant statues make fantastic décor as well. They are available in a number of materials, the most common of which is brass.

Where else can you keep the elephant figurines?

An elephant might have additional methods to convey a message through decorating. After all, the elephant may appear in various locations across the house or office.

If the elephant is put in the workplace, it will provide knowledge and power to people who work there. You may put it at the office door or hang an elephant photo on the wall. If you put the elephant in your bedroom, it will represent love and fidelity. Academic achievement can be aided by a child’s bedroom featuring an elephant.

If you have an elephant in your family room or play area, it might assist in bringing the family together.


If you’ve ever done any interior design using family figurines, you’ve probably thought about Feng Shui—the ancient Chinese art of generating flow and harmony in the home.

This ancient method promotes decluttering and arranging belongings in a way that generates positive energy for the place you’re building. It also encourages the inclusion of good luck figures such as Mandarin ducks, dragons, or an elephant. So there you have it: the profound psychology behind the elephant statues.

Remember that your home’s foyer isn’t the only place for an elephant statue. According to many Vastu specialists, Elephant family sculptures figurines can be put in different locations of the house for equal good fortune.

So, you now know whether it’s the Vastu importance or the psychological essence behind these elephant statues. Keep this in mind and plan your decorations accordingly.