Did you know that any unwanted plant growing in your yard is considered a weed? They’re typically invasive and it can be hard to get rid of weeds once they take over.

But are weeds bad and should you remove weeds from your yard entirely? The answer is yes because different types of weeds steal vital nutrients from your lawn and other landscaping.

The following guide will explain the best weed removal methods to keep your yard looking top-notch!

Get Rid of Weeds

1. Get Rid of Weeds by Hand

Removing the root system of weeds by hand is the most effective removal method. Simply pull the weeds out of the ground and make sure to remove the flowering part above and all of its roots underneath.

Hand pulling weeds works instantly and noticeably improves any lawn. It also helps prevent pesky perennial weeds from coming back. Remember to wear gloves to guard your hands and avoid spreading any seeds throughout your yard.

Consider a standing weed puller to dig up the roots without having to hunch over for hours on end. It’s a time-consuming process so you might want to hire a professional company like RDS Lawn Care for large areas.

2. Start Using Mulch

Mulch starves weeds of sunlight and oxygen that they need to grow. Thick mulch layers also help discourage seeds from scattering around your yard and contacting the soil.

Keep in mind that mulching works better for spot treating weeds and not your entire yard. Mulch would also keep sunlight and oxygen from any grass and stop it from growing. But it’s perfect for areas around trees, shrubs, and other landscaping plants.

In addition to preventing weeds, mulch also retains moisture for your plants and helps protect against changing temperatures. It comes in multiple colors and adds curb appeal while keeping landscaping free of weeds.

3. Using Household Items

Did you know that you can get rid of weeds with boiling water? Slowly and carefully pour the water onto the top of the weed you’re trying to kill. The boiling water will scorch the root system, but you might have to do this more than once.

Salt can damage weed roots and throw off their water supply. Use a 1 to 2 ratio of salt and water inside a spray bottle. The mix won’t harm nearby plants or soil if you only spray the weed. Add more salt to the mix to get rid of tougher weeds.

Vodka works well on weeds that get exposed to a lot of sunlight. Mix an ounce of vodka into 2 cups of water inside a spray bottle and add a little dish soap. Like the salt method, make sure to avoid spraying wanted plants with the vodka solution.

Say Goodbye to Weeds

Now you know how to get rid of weeds using 3 inexpensive and simple methods. Consider using a combination of hand-pulling weeds, mulching, and household mixtures to stop weeds once and for all.

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