Whether you are buying a new property, improving your current home or looking to sell. It is vitally important that you get the trees in your premises inspected to ensure they pose no risk to the general public and also the surrounding structures. Safety is key when it comes to having trees on property and inspection of trees is one of the main ways you can ensure that there is minimal risk from the trees on your property. This article will give you an overview of what tree inspections are, why they are important and some of the common things to look out for.

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Tree Inspections

Tree Inspections

What exactly are tree surveys?

Tree surveys are needed to understand how safe the trees are on your property. This is vital when it comes to selling a property as most buyers will enquire about the condition of the trees and if there have ever been any issues with them. There are a variety of ways in which you can inspect trees to see the current state that they are in, some of the main ways are outlined below:

Inspections of Tree(s) from the air

An aerial view of trees is very important. It may not be possible to see potentially affected areas from the floor and issues could easily go unnoticed and cause problems. Through using a ladder and inspecting the tree itself plus taking samples, tree surgeons will be able to get a valid insight into the health of a specific tree. Because of the advancements in technology tree surgeons are also switching to the use of drones to provide visual guidance minimising the human risk of sending someone up a tree

Analysis of the trees decay

Once a tree sample has been taken it must then be inspected. If decay is spotted inside the tree the surgeon or company performing the inspection will be able to see the affect that this piece may have on the tree as a whole and if further action is needed to be taken. Through analysing the various fungi it will be possible to determine the risk the tree has on both people and surrounding property

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Why do you need to get the trees on your property inspected?

The main reason that you must get trees inspected is to mitigate the risk that they can have on both the general public, family members and property. Trees decay over time and some may be close to falling down. It is important to spot this early on and work towards fixing things to ensure no damage is made.

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