You want to make a renovation or remodeling in your kitchen or you want to change something you don’t like anymore, but you can’t find where to start? A+ Construction & Remodeling has the experts to guide you through the process of designing and building your perfect home!

You can benefit from practical renovation ideas that can be easily applied to any kitchen and have the potential to substitute the atmosphere of your home. It is now possible to turn your kitchen blending with harmony of glow without making any major changes.

kitchen remodelling

Here are those ideas from Algedra Interior Design experts;   

1- Evaluate the empty bottom of your kitchen counter

First, you can evaluate the empty bottom of your kitchen counter. If you need it, you can make it into a section where you can place vegetables and fruits suitable for your use. If you would like, you can buy stylish wicker baskets for your potatoes and onions, place them under your kitchen counter or gain a new place for your large pots that do not fit in kitchen cabinets.

kitchen counter

2- Kitchen remodelling is not resetting the kitchen

Making a kitchen renovation is not completely resetting the kitchen. You can expand your kitchen cabinets that are still in use but not enough for you in small renovations. You can divide the large and deep drawers designed for your kitchen utensils that take up much space such as pots and plates.

kitchen remodelling

3- Use easy to clean materials

Easy-to-clean hygienic materials are used in kitchen products. Solid, natural wood coatings, polymer-based coatings, wooden or aluminum-framed doors, laminate coatings, antitoxic lacquered and laminated surfaces.

Pantry cabinets with height and mechanism that can solve your bulky and periodic stocking needs, upper cabinets of different heights, drawer rails with self-closing system that you can easily use even at the bottom points with telescopic feature, metal glass frames, metal handles, modules that are fully compatible with your built-in devices, housing your garbage bin and tubes lower cabinets, island cabinet options that can be implemented in open kitchens, chrome accessories, tables and chairs compatible with your workbenches, functional and ergonomic modules.

clean material

Great renovation

  1. You can create new sections in your kitchen cabinets with a simple operation. If you have a large kitchen, you can use it outside of cooking and eating. Do not think about what can be done without eating in the kitchen.
  2. You can turn a corner of your kitchen into a library with a small renovation. The bookcase will add a completely different atmosphere to your kitchen. If you wish, you can use a corner of your kitchen as a resting corner.
  3. If you want to feel like a chef in your kitchen, you can add a professional flair. With a hanger system that will add a professional air to your kitchen, you can hang your most used pots, pans always within reach.
  4. Moreover, thanks to this hanger you will make in your kitchen, you will save the space you use in your kitchen cabinets.
  5. Another suggestion for the changes you can make in your kitchen is to install a hanging system and place fresh plants in your kitchen with a few pots. You can grow herbs such as parsley, pepper, mint and rosemary in this area of ​​your kitchen, and you can make delicious meals by adding the spices you pick fresh from their branches to your meals.
  6. If you complain that my kitchen is too narrow; You should definitely choose a light color in your kitchen. If your kitchen is too narrow to accommodate a dining table, you can position your counter in the middle of the kitchen to use it as a small dining table.
  7. Make a narrow kitchen very cozy and comfortable by planning it well, without undergoing major renovations. With a small remodelling, you can save space in the kitchen by keeping the counter small, and you can place a small sofa in this area.
  8. Give your chairs a completely different look by dressing up your kitchen in matching colors. If you intend to renovate without changing your furniture, you can paint your old cabinets.
  9. Add color to your kitchen by painting your old cabinets in vibrant tones. If you no longer like your old tiles and walls, you can renew them with different decors. With colorful and patterned wallpapers, you can change the atmosphere of your kitchen in an instant.