The kitchen is the social center and the key attraction of the home where meals are prepared and it is also a comfortable place to gather and socialize. Kitchen planning and design is a highly crucial step if you wish to attain that personal look, the practical use and custom made for catering your needs and lifestyle. These days one of the most highly favored colors that kitchen designers opt for is white. The truth is a white kitchen cabinet will work wonders in portraying a dramatic, distinctive look or a subtle design statement in the kitchen. White definitely speaks for itself. Resting on the cabinetry style you can choose a look which will fit your personality. Kitchen cabinets in white are used for different forms of decor like shaker, English, French country, country, traditional, contemporary amid others.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet

Some Good Reasons That Led To the Growing Popularity Of White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets, especially white shaker cabinets are in great demand because of the following reasons namely,

  • They are excellent at supporting different textures in the kitchen like furniture, appliances, counter tops, back splash amid others. The beauty of the color white is that this will give you the flexibility of changing the shade of the countertops, tiles, walls or backsplash and at the same time will stay stylish and harmonious regardless of what is changing surrounding them.
  • Cabinets in white are capable of creating a spacious and open feel with all size kitchens. Interior decorators use it for making small areas look bigger
  • It can help to add structure and definition and are also highly versatile
  • It will compliment all forms of furniture present in the kitchen
  • Most importantly, it is easy to maintain and clean and the credit for this goes to the availability of modern cabinet cleaning products.
  • White Shaker Cabinets can help in promoting a clean environment because it is capable of resisting cracks and dirt and thereby enables a hassle-free cleaning. Above all, when the cabinets stay in good condition it will at the same time help in keeping the remaining part of the kitchen look cleaner.
  • We all want natural light in the kitchen. If the window by chance is not positioned to provide natural light, then the color white will help in brightening everything. It will reflect light while its natural brightness will work wonders in creating a noteworthy difference when it comes to the appearance of the room. Darker shades often times absorb light, but shaker style cabinet in white will take center stage as well as complement the room in its entirety
  • A smooth and nice white finish will pair with most designs, styles, and colors and will also help in modernizing the kitchen thereby offering you the best choice for decor. In the case of darker shades it will become challenging in mixing shades through the design but with white shakers, you can keep all your worries at bay. White will not overwhelm any room, no wonder it has turned into a popular pick for most kitchens.
  • The modern white shakers are long lasting, durable, classic and modern and can make the space in the kitchen stand out through a natural wood finish and a minimalist look.
Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet

The shaker cabinets in white are quite similar to country style cabinets yet with a modern twist. Hence, if you prefer the country style yet one that is little funky then White Kitchen Cabinet is the perfect one for you. This cabinet has created a niche for its finishing touches and classic lines which never fail in making the kitchen look classically elegant and in a calming yet subtle way. These cabinets are truly warm and inviting.