Timeless home is a home which can stand the test of time. When it comes to home decor, it is very difficult to keep up with the changing trend. Instead of selecting latest and greatest home decor, let’s opt for some timeless decoration to keep the style fresh for years.

Home Decor

Home Decor

1. Colour coordination is the key

Colour trends changes with the season, opt for neutral and pastel colours instead. White, caramel and autumn colours can never go out of trend. Avoid using bold colours; they develop the feeling of anxiety. By choosing the perfect colour, your home will look chic and cosy irrespective of the trend.

2. The irony of having less yet more

Don’t overcrowd the room, tables or shelves. Give space to each and every furniture present, breathing room. Spend more budget on fewer furniture and let your furniture stand out. An uncluttered space always gives the timeless vibes. Don’t overdo with the colours, add it in a bit by bit. Throw a cushion or pillow on your bright couch can do the trick.

3. Paying attention to the great wardrobe

While talking about home decoration people avoid talking about wardrobe, but it is one of the most important parts which can enhance the beauty of your home. Colours coordinate it with your room, walk-in closet or not hang your dresses. You can hang clothes in your room too, it used to look messy but doing it vigilantly can add texture to the room. You can stick posters or picture on the wardrobe door, it can enchant the room.

4. Being creative with the shiny marbles

Marbles bring out the best in a home. Incorporate different marbles in your home. They will give the room a fashionable look and will always be in trend. You can try white marbles, as white can never be out dated. It will always give the place astonishing, clean and timeless look.

5. Keeping it as natural as you can

Bring the nature in your home. Plants are more expressive than painting and antiques. They will work anywhere: bathroom, room, living room, and kitchen. It also brings the positive energy and you will feel fresh. A plant creates the unique texture and makes the space comfortable as well as peaceful.

6. Bridging the gap between old and new

Combining the old vintage furniture with complementary furniture can be the key. It brings the sense of comfort resulting in timeless beauty. It is a way to be in touch with the style without going out of your way. Your home is like a mannequin and the interior details are like the clothes placed upon the mannequin. Be experimental!

7. Adding some extra texture for further beauty

You can introduce interesting patterns with rugs, windows, curtains, etc. Trend nowadays are nostalgic, 15years old printed rugs become boring and fade out but then again come back after a year or so and become refreshing again. Coordination is the key to success while decorating; combining the textures can work just excellently.

8. Investing in having some built in shelves

The built in shelves are here to stay. They provide more storage space without increasing furniture, the most convenient of all. Use it as book shelves or decorate it with antiques. You can even store your small day to day accessories in these shelves. And if they are in your room, you can keep your favourite clothes or towels; stack it with shoes, bags and hats.

9. Lighting it exceptionally for getting the feel

Lighting can enhance the decor or can make you hate your work. The more natural light which enters you home can enhance it more. You can always keep the lighting soft at your home which can keep the decor fresh instead of bright light.

10. Focusing on maintaining quality not quantity

Don’t overdo with the shelves and the walls. Keeping it low can do the trick. It is not important to cover each and every square of the wall with a painting. Chose wisely!

Not every piece of furniture will go with the trend. Latest decor keeps the place fresh. Go trendy with the items that can be easily exchanged instead of buying every single item. No need for the makeover, go trendy with small details.