You have come to the right place if you’re seeking the best fixture for an open floor plan or want to know to choose the right light fixtures for your house. Discover how to choose the right lighting for your house with this guide.

Lighting is one of the major contributors to adding elegance to a place. The right choice for a chandelier is essential to ensure it fits right in different places. In this blog, you will get some advice on how to select suitable lighting for your house.  Whether you’re working on new construction, renovating, or want to upgrade some existing lighting, you may consider purchasing brass light fixtures for different areas of your house. Let’s move to the selection guide.

Brass Light Fixture

The Room You Should Put Your Chandelier In

The Dining area

One of the usual locations in the home is to install a chandelier in the dining room. A dimmer switch should ideally control a chandelier in the dining hall, so you may adjust the amount of light it emits according to the situation. The dining room chandelier must be capable of adjustments and mood lighting.

The dining room’s shape and size should also be considered when picking a dining area chandelier because it will probably be hung immediately over it. In this case, if your tabletop is round or square, chandeliers should be between a third and a half the width of the table. If your table is circular or rectangular, go a little bigger unless such lighting you select is more elaborate.

Living Room

No other type of light fixture can add decoration to a living space than a chandelier. Consider that the chandelier will be the room’s focal point when selecting. Both form and function are important. Make sure the chandelier you select reflects the ambiance you want to create because it will establish the tone for the space.

Apart from the aesthetics of your chandelier, picking the proper-sized fixture is crucial. This necessitates taking into account both the room’s size and ceiling height. Take the room’s length and width in feet and put them together to get an idea of its size. If you convert the total from feet to inches, the result will be the circumference of an appropriate-sized chandelier. For instance, if your room is 8/10 feet, you should search for a chandelier with an 18-inch diameter. This, however, presupposes that your ceilings are a standard height.


Chandeliers in the foyer might influence a visitor’s first image of your house. You desire it to represent your home and establish the mood appropriately. A wall sconce lighting or light fixture in the entrance area makes a positive impression on your guest’s minds.

The size of your entryway will be one of the most significant deciding factors in choosing your chandelier because foyers can range from fairly tiny to quite huge and tall. Feel free to make a large, bold statement in the foyer because the visitor’s first impression counts. In this space, a larger light fixture is preferable to a smaller one.


Chandeliers are frequently forgotten as an illumination choice for bedrooms. But a bedroom might benefit from the sophisticated and passionate ambiance that bedroom chandeliers can produce. Think of installing a fixture in the middle of the space as your primary ambient lighting source. As accent lighting, place a smaller lamp above your bedside nightstand.


Although the entryway, dining hall, and sitting room are among the most typical rooms to install a chandelier, practically any room can be enhanced by installing a chandelier if your room is the correct height, including a restroom or corridor. Using these tips, you can now select suitable brass light fixtures for different locations in your home.