Once you have made the decision to have a pool built the temptation is to literally dive in as quickly as possible and get it built so that the fun can begin.

If you are searching for pool builders in Dallas, for instance, you will find some great options and be able to find a builder who can get the job done to a high professional standard.

Before you give the go-ahead to start building your pool here are some of the key questions to ask so that you end up with exactly what you want.

pool builder

What previous experience do they have?

A good starting point would be to ask the pool builder you are thinking about hiring a few key questions about their experience and customer service levels.

A good way to judge their suitability would be to ask the pool company for some pictures of previous projects and some references from previous customers.

A reputable pool builder will always be able to supply this information. It will help give you confidence that you have chosen a company that is professional and takes pride in its work.

What sort of warranty do they offer?

Another good guide would be to check what sort of warranty the pool builder offers.

You can expect some sort of warranty for the work they are doing but these terms can often vary greatly between pool companies.

A builder who has confidence in the quality and longevity of their work will often offer a good warranty with terms that allow you a certain peace of mind.

How long will the pool build take to complete?

Every pool installation is unique to a certain extent. That means building your pool could take more or less time than others.

A good builder will be able to give you a fairly reliable and accurate timespan for the project based on their previous experience.

It is important to get a firm timeline for your project as it helps you prepare and plan with the minimum of stress and disruption to your home and family life.

Ask to see a draft contract

You should always ask to see a draft contract and check what is included and what is not covered by the terms and conditions.

Important details such as what sort of initial deposit is required and when payment of the balance is due are all highly relevant. Other points to check include whether pool cleaning equipment is included in the price and if filling and balancing of the pool is also included in the price.

Go through the contract and ask any questions at this point before signing. This will help minimize any problems or misunderstandings at a later point.

Who will be doing the work?

Another highly relevant question to ask is whether the pool builder will be using their own employees to complete the work or relying on some sub-contractors for some aspects of the build.

It is often better to know that you are using a pool builder who does all the work in-house. This can often help with due diligence and can usually ensure that the work goes as smoothly as possible.

Ask these key questions when choosing a pool builder and you should soon be enjoying hours of fun in a fantastic pool that you will be proud to call your own.