As businesses, job offers, and opportunities are not always available in our area, we have tendencies to live far from home. Most of the successful young businessmen and entrepreneurs choose to live in a condominium as it gives this feeling of “home.” However it is not as spacious as it looks like.

condo unit

We must learn to maximize the spaces in our condominium unit for the following reasons:

  • A tight and close space can cause stress. Plus you include the stress from the pile of workloads.
  • When it’s time for the weekend, we feel hesitant to invite colleagues and friends to come over because there might be not enough space.
  • It is hard to clean your unit with the little space that you have.

Here are simple yet modern ways to create good space when living in a condo unit.

1. Use a Rotary Washing Lines

When you’re living in a condo unit, you don’t have much space to dry your clothes after washing. A Rotary washing line is your best choice as it saves interior space, and it is foldable.

Can I use a rotary washing line in concrete?

The answer is yes because it comes with either a metal ground spike (when you have a garden) or a concrete tube to make it stand.

Also, there are other ways to install the rotary washing line such as: making a wooden stand, and hiring a worker to do the base in the balcony.

2. Wall Mount your Television

In modern days, the 21st century, we have plenty of options to buy from flat-screen televisions. However, the traditional ways are using a TV stand which consumes a lot of space, although the compartment is quite useful too. As much as possible, choose to wall mount your television in your unit as it saves plenty of space.

Wall Mount

Wall Mount

3. Choose to Buy a Sofa Bed

When you are living in a studio type unit, then buying a sofa bed will be better than having a sofa and bed separately. There are plenty of choices in the market and online right now, and they are comfortable to use too.

4. Clothes rack vs Closet

Using a clothes rack is the better choice than a closet. Aside from using clothes rack will save so much space, you will be able to choose the clothes you will be wearing in a blink when you are in a hurry.

Please avoid the common mistakes of using clothes rack to dry your clothes. You don’t want to mix up your clean clothes with wet clothes as it affects the odor and texture eventually.

Clothes Rack

Clothes Rack

5. Choose the Right Dining Table

There are several options to choose from in getting a dining table for your small unit because innovators are getting wiser in the understanding of how to maximize space.

Extendable and foldable table sets are now available in the market. There are also ideas such as extending the table set in your kitchen and mounting the table on the wall. Of course, these table sets come with stools that are not space consuming as well.

6. Alternate Way for Separation

Folding glass is the best way to create separation from the bedroom and living room. Also, it protects your bedroom from odor coming out of the kitchen. The components are light and easy to construct, so it won’t cost that much than a wall.

Additional ideas that you may want to try:


  • Choose hanging plants instead of a pot plants
  • Ceiling and wall fans over stand fans. It is recommended that you keep a fan as constant contact with the air conditioner is not good. Also, it saves energy too.
  • Building a small compartment over the head of your bed (if you both have a bed and sofa). It is a place to put your gadgets, books, and work materials.
  • Always choose to paint the walls with the color white. For some reason, the white color blends well with the clear sky from the outside, and it has a psychological effect of making the room look spacious.
  • Place big floor carpets near the sofa or bed. This saves the need to buy a lot of stools to sit on. You may use the space to exercise as well.

You will find various ways to create space without sacrificing much of the things that you have with your creativity. It is good to have enough space to breathe, exercise, and walk back and forth.