The garage can be one of the best aesthetical attractions in your house when looked after the right way. Although it is supposed to be used for cars, the hidden truth is that it is most of the time also a storage room to a number of boxes of unused tools, cases of childhood memories, broken miscellaneous pieces, and whatnot.However, are you thinking of converting your garage into a perfect party room, leashed with the creativity which no one had thought before? The garage can be one of the perfect entertainment spots of your home, particularly if it is currently only being used for stuffing heaps of unwanted stuff that cannot be accommodated in your home. A few Garage door repair Las Vegas tips and tricks along with these awesome furnishing techniques can transform the simplest of the locations in the garage door to funky hangout spaces:

Garage Door

Garage Door


You will probably need an entire day or two for the cleaning of the garage in the first place. The accumulated junk in the darkest corners of the garage has to be cleaned to your level best. The first step for the transformation of any location is to de-clutter it and banish any spider-webs or dust and dirt.

Organize Your Stuff

Sort of the piles of things that you have accumulated all throughout the day. Segment them into three piles: keep, reuse, and sell or donate.

  • Keep:  Find a storage location for the things that you feel will be useful in the future. Don’t include too many things in this section and be honest as to if the thing will really be of use to you in recent times.
  • Recycle: Any of the items that you might find in good condition can have alternate uses. For example, wires, cloth pieces, boxes of good quality can be efficiently reused in a number of household chores.
  • Sell / Donate: Want to make a few pennies from your clutter? You could probably use that money to decorate your garage into your dream hang-out spot. Donate if you want to or sell any wanted items that would not be of any use for you.

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Clean from top to bottom, left to right

It is now time to roll up your sleeves and to get ready for the tougher part. Scrub every nook and crook of your garage with a disinfectant and a scrubber.

  • Cleaning the walls: Use protective gloves, as walls may be the comfortable home to spider-webs and other insects. Use soft brushes to wipe off the dust and further use warm water and a good quality cleansing agent to scrub off the excess dirt. The walls can be decorated with great creative ideas and we need a clean canvas for our ideas to flourish.
  • Cleaning the floor: Sweep off the excess dust and dirt first. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with firm-bristled ends to remove stains or oil spills. If some stains don’t remove easily, apply a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and flour paste overnight and you are good to go on the next day.
  • Cleaning the ceiling: Use safety goggles. This is one of the toughest areas to clean. You may have to use a step-ladder if you can’t reach the top. Don’t forget to ask a family member to hold the ladder steadily. Otherwise, you might injure yourself. Use a sponge floor mop if you find it handy.

Time for DIYs

Now, this is the most exciting part of the journey. You get to design your heart out and make the place look as simple or as funky as you wish to.

If you wish to use the garage as a cinema hall, a dark ombre color with a bark-like texture or a wooden ochre color with brown tints will give a real cinematic experience.

On the other hand, if you want to play some games while partying, paint the walls with colorful splashes of rainbow colors. Paint the upper ceiling off-white in color and hang some cute, small lanterns or decorative pieces.

If you want the garage to be like a club or a party room, it is best to consider installing a carpet. This will prevent any slips or injuries.

You can consider coloring the floor as well with some unique ideas. For example, paint the floor with sea-blue color and wavy patterns to give it a watery effect and splashes of blue to make the floor look like a river. Or consider painting alternate blocks of tiles with black and white to give a distinct yet classy touch to your party room.

Add Your Own Touch

You can find a nice long table, one with center support and put it parallel to one of the sides of the garage. Make this area the beverage bar. Arrange decorative balloons and small pamphlets around the table to give an exciting feel.

For music lovers, you have to secure a safe spot for your speakers. Small iPod speakers work best as they can be conveniently placed and offer great acoustics.

Hang up lights and disco balls or anything and everything you like. Give your best to make your party room look unrecognizable.

Add a small sofa to one of the corners of the garage and label it to be the cozy corner. This is one of the essentials when you get to hang out with your old-school buddies and cherish memories, with hands-on shoulders amidst the party.

We are pretty spoiled for making a choice when it comes to amazing décor ideas, thanks to the bloom of the décor industry. So, if you are stuck in the final stages of decoration of your to-be party room, just ask your family member or a friend for their inputs. At times, that might turn out to be great.

Wrapping Up

Garages are a great place to beautify and make it look as you want them to be. Make your garage a place to enjoy and chill and not something to avert your eyes from. Use the above tips and tricks and wish you good luck to transform your garage into your dream party room.

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