Are you looking to keep your garage door smooth and issue free? When it comes to garage doors, there are a few things you can do to ensure your garage door works as it should. There is a point however when professional assistance and advice is necessary, and it’s usually when a garage door has reached a certain age. With good servicing and care, you can make a garage door lasts for years! Parts will, however, start to wear and things will start developing slop, and it’s these issues that require the assistance of a professional!In this post, we’ll discuss 5 signs that it’s time to have your garage door looked at. From suspect noises to slow operation, there is a list of things you can look out for when you’re using your garage door.

Garage Door

Garage Door

1 – Odd Noises:

Parking the car in the garage? Opening the garage door to get some tools out? If you’ve used your garage door for whatever reason, you may have heard an odd noise coming from the workings of the door. If you’ve ever heard a loud grinding, clicking or banging when you’ve used your garage door, it may be a sign of a potential repair. Your garage door will make noises from time to time but it’s when it’s a consistent grinding or screeching that is a sign of an issue developing. Oiling the chain and keeping the track lubricated can help, but there are things that oil cannot help with.

2 – Tilting/Unbalanced Door:

With daily use, garage doors can develop slight warping/tilting which will hinder the performance when you use it. The springs that apply tension to the garage door will loosen up over time and will require replacing. Fluctuating temperatures will also contribute to overall wear as parts of the door will expand and contract over time. Spring metal can only maintain it’s tension for so long, so it’s almost guaranteed that springs will wear out over time. If you notice slow operation or juddering whilst the garage door is opening or closing, it might be a sign that the springs aren’t strong enough to keep tension on the door. In this situation, you would have to ask for the assistance of a professional, as dismantling and repairing a garage door isn’t something that anyone can do! If you’re looking for garage door repairs in Reading, trying to find a local repair service is the best way to go about it.

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3 – Older Garage Door:

Garage doors that have been used for 10/15 years are always subject to repair/replacing since garage doors will wear over time. Whether or not it’s blatant damage (damage to the panels themselves) or just wear on the internal mechanisms, older garage doors will always benefit from a repair or service. Older garage doors also don’t offer the same conveniences that a newer garage door can offer, so replacing the entire door may also be an option. This is all depending on how old your garage door is, as it may be more cost-effective to repair your current door to keep it running for another year or two.

4 – Problems with opening/closing:

If you’re having issues with your garage door opening or closing completely, then there is something wrong with the function of your door. Whether it’s a roller garage door or another style, all forms of garage doors can develop issues with this. There isn’t a general diagnosis for this issue as the problem can stem from a range of causes which can be diagnosed and repaired by a professional. Having this issue repaired will ensure your garage door is working as it should. Problems with your garage door opening or closing can be the root of safety concerns as it can be a hazard if your garage door is opening or closing uncontrollably.