A dining table is an essential piece of furniture in every common household where all family members gather for having their daily meals together. Hence, a house owner needs to consider certain factors while buying a dining table for his family. Various kinds of timber dining tables are available in the markets, and you can choose the best one based on the type of wood used for creating these tables. The costs of these furniture pieces also vary according to the type and quality of the wood used in making these items.

Timber Dining Tables

Timber Dining Tables

Top 6 Varieties of Wood Used in Making Timber Dining Tables 

#1. Oak: Oakwood is known for its sturdiness and heaviness, which guarantees the high durability of furniture made of this material. Hence, many people prefer oak while choosing timber dining tables because such dining tables can last longer than other wooden tables. As this solid wood is very dense, it is usually resistant to scratches and stains, and you do not need to spend any additional maintenance cost on them. Oakwood is available in red and white shades, among which red oak is a bit stronger than the white one. However, oak is quite expensive and thus, the oak veneer may also be fixed over tabletop which will reduce the overall cost.

#2. Pine: Pinewood can be given any shape due to its soft texture and thus, it is easier to create all designs of timber dining tables: with this material. It is available in different light shades of brown, red, yellow, and also white. Thus, it is easier to apply paints of all colours on pinewood. The curved grains with distinct knots of pinewood make it more attractive, which is available at cheaper prices.

#3. Mahogany: It is an expensive hardwood that is available in abundance in Latin America and other tropical countries. This elegant looking wood is available in different shades, ranging from pale pink to reddish-brown, and such orange and gray mahogany wood can be found in the Philippines and Honduras. Due to the huge sizes of mahogany trees, large boards of this wood can be used in manufacturing large-sized dining tables. As it is softwood, you can easily design a custom dining table with mahogany wood.

#4. Walnut: Though it is a very strong and hardwood, walnut wood can be cut into various shapes and curves. It is the costliest form of wood that can be used for making highly ornamented and durable timber dining tables. Different varieties of walnut wood are available according to their places of birth, like North American, Brazilian, and Caribbean walnut wood. This wood is available in many colours, ranging from white to dark brown and black.

#5. Birch: It is a common tree growing all over North America, which produces very strong wood that can be used for making furniture of all types. Highly durable and beautiful dining tables can be created from birch wood. Simple contemporary designs look best due to the straight and clean grains of this wood. Even, you can find readymade timber dining tables online made with birch wood.

#6. Maple: Large dining tables and other heavy furniture pieces can be created with dense maple wood, which is known to be very hard. However, it is much cheaper than other hardwood varieties, which makes it the first choice of many people while buying timber dining tables that will last for a long time. As it is available in both light and dark shades, it can be painted to render a more sophisticated look.

Dining tables can also be made of other types of wood, like cherry, ash, and bamboo. The types of finish applied on the wood surface also play a role in choosing the best timber dining tables.