The great think about buying vacant land in the US is that it allows you to do pretty much whatever you desire with it. Vacant land has endless potential. Whether you are looking for mountain land or beach land or farming land, you can find something you want at an affordable price.

If you are considering land for sale in Texas or another place, here are some tips on what could be good buys:

Hunting Land

hunting land

If you like an early morning hunt, it is smart to look at cheaper land in Texas and Oklahoma. There is little competition here between purchasers of recreational land and farmers. Some of the most remote counties in West Texas have hunting land for under $500 an acre.

If you enjoy a colder hunt, consider buying hunting land in Wisconsin and Minnesota. There is plenty of farmland that makes for lots of big deer in this part of the country, so it is a good place to buy.

Residential Land

residential land

Want to build a home with more space for you and your family? West Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas are some of the cheapest states in the country to buy residential land. Tennessee has lush and diverse geography, from lakes and mountains to acres of flat land. Arkansas and West Virginia have residential land for sale that is up to 40% below the median value compared to similar plots of land for sale nationwide.

Farming Land

farming land

If you want to set up a farm, you want fertile but inexpensive land. The cheapest land probably is in Arkansas and Louisiana, but it may need tome tender loving care to make it suitable for farming. You may get a small plot in Nebraska and do well; farmers are allowed tax credits and many land leasing options.

Land Near Water

If you want to be near lakes and streams, land in Washington or Oregon can be quite inexpensive. Buying in Oregon in the North Bend area combines the stunning beauty of the Adventure coast with being near a booming city. There also is good vacant land in the Ocean Shores region of Washington only hours from Seattle.

Clearly, there are many great places to buy inexpensive land across the US, depending on your purposes for it. Just determine what your budget is and what you want to do with the land, and you can find a great plot that will work for you.