It’s that time of the year again, when you need to get your home ready for the holiday season. Take a look around to check for any needed repairs or replacements. Home improvement projects are popular all year round. This is quite apparent from the prediction that the global home remodeling market will cross a value $450 billion by 2027.

But one area that we tend to miss out during our home improvement plans is the roofing and sidings. And sadly, unmaintained roofs are a major cause of domestic accidents. An essential element of the structure of a home, the roof needs special attention during renovations or redecorations. So, here’s a look at how to get your roof ready for Christmas decorations well in time.

Checks Roof Health

The roof bears the brunt of adverse weather conditions, from extreme heat to cold, rains and storms. A few checks that may help you recognize your roofing repair needs are:

  • The lifespan of roofing materials already in use is almost over.
  • There is noticeable moisture or water damage.
  • The roof is losing its uniformity and looks distorted in places.
  • Shingles are damaged and you can see loose pieces or even some shingles lying in the gutter pipes.
  • The screw holes have enlarged in the panels or sidings.
  • The edifice has faced an adverse natural event, such as a tornado or flood.


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Choose the Right Roofing Solution

A decision to replace the roof should be based on an analysis of the most suitable roofing solution. Although you could do this on your own, the help of an experienced roofing services provider could prove invaluable. In fact, timely roof repair will not just prolong its life, but it can enhance the overall look of your home and add to its resale value.

The following should be taken into account while picking a roofing material.

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Climatic Conditions

Consider whether the roof is likely to see extreme temperatures. If so, will it experience extreme heat or cold? This can also help you choose the right insulation.

Energy Efficiency

Today, there is a general progression towards environment friendly choices for most of our needs. So, check out natural materials for a greener home. Solar panels and living roofs are also trending as green home choices.


This is one of the most important concerns. It involves accounting for the longevity of the chosen material, as well as the cost of installation and maintenance.

Building Style and Architecture

To maintain the aesthetics and overall look of the building, the roofing color and material should blend with the rest of the structure. A home with concrete walls won’t look well designed with a clay roof, while a solar panel rooftop won’t work for a wooden house.


Roof fixtures need to be placed over an underlying support structure. Its weight-capacity, water resistance, strength, and durability need to be analyzed before finalizing the roofing material. Additionally, it is essential to check how the underlay and rooftop will work together to support the structure.

Comparision of Different Roofing Materials

Here’s a comparison of the most common roofing materials to help you make an informed decision. Most of these are available in multiple color and design options.

Roofing Materials

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The Takeaway

The roof is one of the major components of any building. Its timely maintenance and repair is key to strengthening the structure’s life. So, this year, while getting your home ready for the holiday season, consult experts who can guide with any roofing repair or replacement needs you might have.