Whether it is your dressing room, bathroom, or if you are designing your salon, restaurant washroom, jewelry shop, etc. lighted mirrors are a complement to any interior. This is perhaps not the latest fashion, and you will know that if you will ever visit any dressing room in media house where wall mirrors have always been a quintessential part of the dressing room set up.

Mirror with Lights

Mirror with Lights

The latest version of makeup mirror with lights comes with LED which is sleek in design, adding not only to the aesthetic appeal of any space but also saves energy to a large extent. These are perfect for any residential or commercial interiors, hallways, vanities, bathrooms, dressing rooms, lounges etc. These make up mirrors with lights though are popularly referred to as makeup mirrors with LED fixture go beyond mere utility of makeup and touch up, literally contributing to the aesthetic resurgence of any space. Moreover, these come in variant range of shapes and designs which can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically as well. If you are still thinking why LED mirrors, here is a crisp peep into the most well embraced benefits of these makeup mirrors with lights:

  • Adds up to interior as ambient decor
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • High quality of lighting
  • Inbuilt anti fog system
  • Versatile range of shape and size

Energy-efficient LED lighting

As Compared to incandescent bulbs and CFL lights which release major portion of their energy in the form of heat, around 80% to 90% of LED lights release barely 12% of energy in the form of heat. At the same time as against fluorescent lights, it consumes lesser energy yet giving better light with more brightness. It is not just without a cause the currently LED is being upheld as the future of light in terms of energy saving lighting solution endorsing the possibility of a sustainable future. LED lights generally come with an efficacy ranging around 50, 000 hrs, lasting over 10 yrs. Moreover, LED lights are also eco friendly way of lighting up everyone’s life while eliminating the use harmful elements like mercury and lead.

Aesthetic Appeal

Mirror with Lights

Mirror with Lights

The range of makeup mirror with lights nowadays not only focuses on the lighting but also the design, utility, style and luxurious appeal as well. Therein they seamlessly integrate with any space and add to the decoration and interior of any commercial or residential space.

Quality Lighting

LED lighting is particularly known for quality lighting being able to offer optimum scale of white light, like that of sun. Moreover, LED lighting is available in an extensive range of color temperatures as well as wide variety of lumens. The kind of lighting available with LED is perfect for grooming purposes in salons, dressing rooms, and vanity activities, etc. The white light is effective when it comes to distinctively distinguishing and acquiring accurate color variations in makeup. Hence, it is a great addition for any professional set up where makeup needs to be accurate.

Anti-Fog System

One of the most problems on installing mirrors in bathrooms is after taking a shower or hot water bath, there is abundant amount of fog or vapor which accumulates on the surface of a mirror. It is quite irritating to keep wiping the mirror after every shower or use of hot water. The latest designs of makeup mirrors with lights comes with an inbuilt anti fog system which has an inbuilt demister pad that begins to work once the LED light is turned on. The front of the mirror heats up to remove all the fog and clear up the view.

Therefore, if you are designing your interiors, whether residential or commercial, you can check out the extensive range of designs and styles available in huge patterns of shapes and sizes in makeup mirror with lights and add an element of grace and elegance  to your space.