With a busy schedule and doing the necessary household chores, it is impossible to spend a good time sitting and appreciating the beauty of your home. Since we spend a lot of time in the kitchen when at home, remodeling the kitchen with the latest trends will be the focus in 2020. Mixing elegance and utility will be the main focus and add life to this room of your house.

Kitchen Remodel Styles

Kitchen Remodel Styles for 2020

  1. Backsplash and a shallow shelf: Be prepared to look out for a matching backsplash for your kitchen walls. A shallow shelf with granite or marble backsplash can give you a European-style kitchen. Add some accessories for decoration that maintains a good visual overall.
  2. Storage walls instead of cabinets: Huge cabinets are fine but maximizing the storage space is the best. Floor to ceiling cabinets installed on the walls with retractable drawers and shelves can give you more space to store everything. These cabinets can also have electrical outlets installed to connect appliances.
  3. Warm colors: Warm colors reminding us of nature like the browns, beiges, and grays will come in fashion. Instead of the monochrome colors, using neutral colors that will emphasize the material will become a trend. Warmer tones like gold, champagne, copper, black can be used for the fixtures. Pick matter over glossy finish.
  4. Minimalist handles: Discreet handles for the kitchen cabinets will take over in 2020. Cabinets and handles that unite together to give a concealed look can be opted for. Even if you want to install handles, pick the ones that do not protrude a lot.
  5. Black cabinets: Black can be picked if you want to pick up a dare. Use all black cabinets or matt black hardware all-over. If you have an open bright kitchen only then should you pick the black cabinets? For a closed kitchen, black cabinets can make it too dark.
  6. Natural materials: Since the focus will be on the materials using marble, wood, quartz is a nice way to reminisce the nature. Matte ceramics will also be a popular choice. Lustrous ceramics with irregular features can also be a great pick in 2020.
  7. Fluted glass: Textured glass on the cabinet doors and partitions has long been a part of our kitchen. To create a new look and focusing on minimalism fluted glass and smoked glass will come back in fashion. It will create a contemporary look when combined with cabinet and sliding doors to the pantry.