One thing that we have all learnt from the pandemic is that a calm and relaxing living space within the home is essential. As we face yet another lockdown there comes a need for us to be able to work, eat and sleep all within the same location. To help make sure that this experience is as easy as possible its time to invest in your home to make sure that even over a prolonged period of time, you never get bored with space. A place we can have a productive working day but once the clock hits the 5 pm mark we can switch off and have a calm and relaxing evening. 

garage renovation

When looking for a home improvements project, the garage is often a space that is ignored. Homeowners are more than happy to fork out tens of thousands on a home extension but we can’t imagine spending a couple of weekends cleaning out the garage and taking on the ultimate renovation project. In this blog post, we will be giving you the top garage renovation ideas for your home this spring. 

Car Enthusiast Workshop

Car enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to upgrade their vehicle, whether it’s fitting a new exhaust to make a loud crackling bang when you fire it up, or you are fitting a new bassy sound system to get a low bass when you put on your favourite song. The garage is the perfect car modifying workshop as you have 360 access to your car and there is room to store all your essential tools and equipment. It’s a no brainer if you love your car

Mega Man Cave 

It’s every mans dream to have their secrete hangout which is perfectly designed for their own needs. It could be an underground bar or it could be an awesome games room perfect for when we are next allowed to have guests over. The garage lends itself to both of these ideas! As the garage space is easy to access and has suitable power to supply its blank canvas for you to go and tailor it to your own requirements. 

Comfortable Home Office 

Working from home is now the new norm, with thousands of businesses having to close their physical premises to minimise costs and stay compliant with government regulations, home offices have exploded in popularity. Transforming your garage into the excellent setup for your working needs is a great way to improve productivity and creativity allowing you to bring the same professional standards to the comfort of your own home. 

Beautiful Woodwork Station

If you love your DIY and woodwork, its time to take your hobby and transform it into a weekend profession. The garage is a great place to create a woodwork station as it has a hard ground surface which makes managing mess simple. You also have the room needed to invest in machinery which can help give your woodwork projects the most incredible results.  

Ultimate Gym Setup

Staying fit is an amazing way to keep positive in the current climate. It can be very easy to feel bogged down with the fact we are spending so much time at home, but with exercise you can make sure that you are burning off some excess energy, keeping them endorphins flowing. Designing a garage gym is a highly rewarding DIY project and will leave you will a space that you get to enjoy every single day. 

Home Storage Solution

Maximising storage space within your home is never easy. Sometimes it can feel like you are at a neverending battle with the clutter, leaving your feeling like the house is always going to be messy. Luckily, with a little bit of careful planning, you can get on top of your mess and regain control over the household. Investing in storage containers can be a great way to do this, simply seal away the clutter and keep the most important items in the home. 

No matter what garage renovation project you design to take on I highly recommend that you invest in a new garage door in Cardiff. This ensures that your new items are kept safe at all times. The last thing you want to do is invest in the perfect living space for it to be broken into and your prized possessions were taken.