You found the perfect place to raise your beautiful family. A house that comes with a big yard, great schools, a nice neighborhood, and beautiful parks where you can take your children. With the new house renovated and after selling your current place, you are finally ready to move. But this move will be way different than anything you have experienced before, because this time, you have to move with kids, which comes with its unique headaches.

Packing away your whole house and moving to a new place can be hard on you and your family. It can be difficult to adjust to a foreign neighborhood, and if you’re not well prepared, the whole move can quickly turn into a nightmare. For this reason, let us discuss ways you can move with your kids as safely and smoothly as possible.

Moving With Kids

1. Rent a storage unit

Moving with a family means having a houseful of baby stuff you may or may not need anymore. And even if you do, surely you don’t want the new house to get cluttered, do you? So, we suggest you rent a storage unit near your new home. You can use that space to store all the extra furniture and belongings you don’t need immediately at your new home. Let’s say you’re a resident of Brownsburg IN, then the best choice for you is to use a storage unit to store all the baby stuff that you’re not ready to part with. The storage units Brownsburg IN offers are equipped with state of the art features, so the only thing left for you to do is see which self storage option falls within your budget.

2. Prepare your kid for moving

The first step you need to take to ensure that you have a smooth move with your family is to prepare your kids for the move. Kids tend to become nervous and confused when they aren’t aware of what’s happening around them and may throw more temper tantrums as a result as they don’t tend to cope well with change. For this reason, involve them in the process to ensure that your kid understands what’s happening and why it has to happen. So start by telling them and preparing them for the move at least a month before. If they have any concerns, address them to their satisfaction and involve them in the moving process. If possible, make them watch movies or read stories about characters going through a similar experience to lessen their anxiety about the move. Lastly, ensure them that it isn’t the end of their friendships, a factor they must be concerned about the most. Make an effort to set up visits for the future and take their contact information.

3. Make a moving plan

You’re wrong if you believe you can just get up and start moving without a game plan. The main reason why families face difficulties during the move is that they start the process of moving without actually planning the whole thing with the family. Therefore, sit down with your family a week before moving, and decide everything that needs to be done. Create a schedule that completes your tasks, and get your family on board, so they know what to expect during these last days. Also, don’t forget to plan where and what to eat, or else your little picky eaters are bound to cause some problems.

4. Make a to-do list

The easiest way to get your kids excited and cooperative about the move is by involving them in the process. Therefore, give them little chores and tasks to complete each day so they can feel like they’re part of the plan and are playing a role in this process. You can ask them to pack all their toys in a box or clean their rooms before they leave.

5. Maintain your routine

One of the biggest reasons kids get so disturbed during the move is their routine can get interrupted. It can cause stress and uncertainty in your kids, which can cause further issues such as temper tantrums or refusing to cooperate with you. Hence, we suggest you set and maintain a routine as it helps alleviate the stress and uncertainty your kids may feel during such a huge change.

6. Hire a babysitter

Moving with kids can get extremely hectic because they have a way of disrupting any process. The task that only requires an hour to complete will take two or three hours in the presence of kids. For this reason, we have an excellent date night idea, where you hire a trusted babysitter or ask a family member to look after your kids while you get a head-start on the packing. It will give you enough time to complete your tasks uninterrupted by your kids, which is crucial when you’re moving with a family.


Even if you have managed to get your kids excited about the move, they will most probably hate the prospect of packing away their belongings. A good change is that they will throw a tantrum, fight with you, or disrupt your task every chance they get. And while there is no set way to go about the whole process of moving with kids, the tips mentioned above can help lessen the stress.