Most people dream about creating and living in the house of their dreams. It’s very rare that people buy a house and leave it the way it is. The idea of a fixer-upper isn’t so much about getting the house fixed up, it’s about personalizing it to your tastes. That’s why making a home and constructing a house aren’t the same thing. With that said, you need to acknowledge that several variations, styles, and visual considerations go into a house’s décor and design.

If you live in one of the hotter parts of the country, a summer retreat is one of the best ways to spend your time. A house on the lake does it just fine and what better place to build or buy property than in the city of Bonney Lake, WA. This article aims to talk about these things; however, it is specifically designed for people who aim to revamp their summer lake house.

Décor And Design Ideas

If you plan on redoing the place, this article is for you. Here are four décor and design ideas that your summer house needs!

An open concept living space

If you have a lake house, chances are you have a fair amount of space within the house. An open concept space doesn’t just mean that you have natural physical space, it’s also how you arrange your belongings to fit the space. If you pack your belongings into even the largest of rooms, it’s going to get crowded. Therefore, if you have belongings to store, you may want to look at Bonney Lake storage facilities.

This way, you store your stuff offsite and get it out of the way for the time being. Moreover, whenever you need it, it won’t be too far away, so retrieving whatever it is that you need shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

This is one of the best ways to keep the house neat, spacious, and aesthetically charming.

Natural lighting

You are surrounded by nature; it would be a shame if you used artificial lighting within the house to illuminate the place. The entire charm of the lake house is to live as authentically as you can in the woods and near the water bodies of Bonney Lake.

Large windows will do the trick; skylights are even better. You need to remember that natural light isn’t just an influx of healthier light in the house; it’s a way to cut energy bills and protect the environment.

Towards the evening, you can start turning on lamps and ceiling lights in the house. However, draw the drapes during the day and let the sun’s rays pour through. Not only will the house have a new charm, but you will most likely be happier and healthier as well.

Modern appliances

Appliances and functional additions to the house don’t usually add to the décor. Still, modern contemporary appliances are built in such a way that they radiate class and add to the aesthetic value. You may have the most upbeat décor and design, but when it comes to the appliances, it can be a deal breaker. Having outdated belongings in the house will kill the vibe you are trying to create.

Old TVs are the main elements that can ruin the entire interior. It’s about time you changed the TV anyway, so consider investing in a smart TV for long-term value. Moreover, kitchen appliances need to have a new charm to them. The oven, dishwasher, and fridge cannot be dated in an otherwise modern kitchen.

The mix and match simple don’t add up. We understand that buying new appliances can cost a fair bit of money, but it’s an investment that pays off in the long run and keeps your house looking prim.

Personalize the place

Just because it’s your summer home doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable and homey. Place belongings that mean something to you so that the house has some personality to it. You need to make this your space, a space you and your family can feel comfortable in and enjoy spending time there.

Far too many people focus on getting the place to look nice but forget about comfort. You don’t want to feel like a stranger on your own property; therefore, do whatever you can to make the place feel like your home.


There we have some of the ideas that your lake house needs this summer. It’s all about making the place more comfortable according to your wants and needs. Design and aesthetic appeal are in the eyes of the beholder; therefore, whatever you feel is right, probably is right.

From clearing the area to making space by putting extra items in a storage unit and personalizing it with whatever touch you feel like, we have covered several tips that we think can make your vacation home considerably more liveable.

These tips don’t just make it better for you; if you choose to sell the property later, they could also add a fair degree of value to the house.