Kitchen appliances are definitely an investment piece and at the end of the day, whatever appliance you purchase you want to rest easy in the peace of mind that your appliance will last for years to come.

However, it is important to do your homework before you purchase your appliance. From deciding on the right budget for you, measuring the space you have available and considering what styles and finishes you want to complement your overall kitchen design, the overall process of purchasing new kitchen appliances does take some time if you want it done well.

In need of some help? Make sure to read below for our guide on how to choose the right kitchen appliances, written in collaboration with leading suppliers of kitchen appliances Dunstable, Joe Graham & Son Ltd.



When it comes to ovens, choosing the right model can seem like a right minefield.

Freestanding or built-in? Gas or electric? Stainless steel or bright coloured? There are so many ovens available out there!

If space allows, a free-standing oven will allow you to create an unmissable focal point in your kitchen. Available in both gas and electric fuel types, you’ll be able to choose a visually striking oven without the hassle of moving or changing your supply point.

Kitchen Appliances

A built-in oven on the other hand will typically be set in your kitchen at eye level, making it much easier for you to cook, completely cutting out the need to bend down.

Single ovens are beneficial should you be looking for an appliance that fits a small kitchen with limited space, whereas double ovens will demand more space but will also open you up to many more cooking options and allow you to cater for bigger family meals and catering for parties.


A good hob is a must in any kitchen space.

If you’re looking to keep up with the trends, you’ll be likely to choose an induction hob. These models are energy-efficient, speedy and safe, as the heat is only conducted once the electromagnetic coils underneath the hob come into contact with a suitable pan.

Traditional gas hobs are also still very popular, simply because of the instant heat they offer. Nowadays, modern versions will come with touch controls and a very easy to clean finish.

For those who are keen hosts and regularly hold dinner parties, why not consider a domino hob? These hobs will allow you to mix and match fuel types and cooking surfaces, including griddles and hot plates to allow you to create a cooktop that suits your lifestyle exactly.


It’s no lie when we say that microwaves take up a lot of space; no matter where you put them, whether that’s on top of your worktop, or built into your cabinets.

However, you can create a lot more flexibility in your kitchen when you choose a built-in microwave, particularly if you have found yourself limited on worktop space. In fact, you could even choose to position your microwave next to your built-in oven for a truly optimised space full of usability.

In fact, should you feel the need to save even more space, why not invest in a combined microwave oven? They’ll come complete with hot air and grill functions, allowing you to recreate the traditional oven-cooked results you love, at the speed of a microwave.

White Goods

Whilst they are referred to as white goods, don’t be fooled by the name! You most definitely won’t be limited to a white finish, with many appliances available in black and stainless steel, to provide you with a much more contemporary look.

In fact, many retailers even stock bright colours to provide you with an unmissable retro finish.

Fridge Freezers

Before you purchase a fridge-freezer, it’s vitally important to consider how big you need the appliance to be to suit your lifestyle and how much space you have available within the existing layout of your kitchen.

Making sure that you have the right measurements is crucial, especially the width so that you can be sure that it will fit.

It’s also important to allow some space around the appliance, to make sure that it can work at its best.

As you’re likely to now appreciate, it is important to not only consider the looks of your kitchen appliances, but also the functionality. Ensuring that you purchase a kitchen appliance that suits your needs and requirements perfectly will serve you much longer in the long run and allows you to create a space that is both practical and visually striking.