Bigger is better, isn’t that right? Well, not necessarily if you’re living in a tiny apartment in downtown apartments in Buda, Texas. If you have restricted floor space and a tiny kitchen, you might need to cut some space just to fit all of your needs through your door. And I think it is time to bid farewell to gigantic refrigerators and space-consuming furniture pieces mainly for cooking.

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Living in a tiny living space can also restrict your creativity, and I bet you never thought of the saying “good things can come in tiny packages” would apply to apartment appliances. Well, it does now.

These compact appliances below are filled with all the power along with a lot of premium features similar to their full-sized counterparts. Try to check out these new models that can keep a small footprint in your apartment without putting your style and comfort in jeopardy.

Small Space Fridges

  • Wide counter depth fridge: A 24 inches wide counter depth fridge fits even with the counter and it can also blend wonderfully with surrounding cabinets. This fridge will suffice rather than opting for a big kitchen refrigerator where space in your household has a particular limit.
  • Compact fridges: If you are notably limited in space and demand a fridge solution, then compact refrigerators are best for you. These fridges usually offer between 2 and 5 cubic feet of capacity and can also fit smoothly under the counter, at your home bar, as well as in other tiny spaces.
Small Space Fridges

Small Space Fridges

Small Space Ovens and Cooktops

  • 24-inch electric cooktop or wide gas: A 24 inches wide gas, induction or electric cooktop are compact, but they can provide the service of having a big cooktop. With its four burners along with all the special features you will need, you don’t need to give up the effectiveness of saving space anymore.
  • 24-inch wide built-in oven: A 24 inches wide oven usually offers around 2 to 4 cubic feet capacity and is small enough to fit most kitchens which are challenged in space. Some models also offer you with side-opening doors along with a choice of right or left to best satisfy the layout of your kitchen space.
Small Space Ovens

Small Space Ovens

Small Space Dishwasher Choices

  • 18-inch wide dishwasher: Well, the only detail missing from an 18 inches wide dishwasher is a big footprint. These space-saving items are comparable to the size of a typical cabinet.
    The appliance possesses all the wash cycles, along with the features you want as well as the ability to clean about like the standard dishwashers which are beneficial for people who also constantly use KitchenAid Mixers.
    Additionally, some units have a half load option which is extremely perfect particularly for a single or two-person household.
  • Counter dishwasher: If you can save around 22 inches of counter space, then a countertop dishwasher can help you wash up to 6 place settings of dishes. This item is extremely ideal specifically for the vacation place where getting out of the kitchen and going back to the beach is constant.
Small Space Dishwasher

Small Space Dishwasher


In reality, a lot of apartment dwellers are avid cooks and it is a nice thing that minimalism is officially a thing nowadays, with people (and particularly millennials) cutting back on their properties, moving into small homes, and living with an entire lot less.

While it is true that limited spaces can pose a serious, difficult test to decorate, but you need to believe that sometimes, less means a lot more. With these space-saving tricks and tips, decorative suggestions, and usual mistakes to avoid, your space-challenged apartment will now have the potential to transform into a tiny little slice of paradise.