Did you know that it is predicted that by the year 2024, 2.5% of all the United States will have a solar installation in their homes? If you are considering adding a system to your own house but are trying to figure out how to install solar panels, we are here to help.

Keep reading to learn everything you can expect after you sign a solar contract before your solar panels can power up your home.

Install Solar Panels

1. Location, Location, Location

One of the first things in your solar panel installation is surveying your property to choose the best place to install your solar panels. The pitch and the direction of your roof will affect how efficient the solar modules are.

Keep in mind that just because the sun hits an area of the rooftop does not automatically make it the best spot to install the panels on. Picking a location that will give the panels maximum sun exposure for most of the day is key.

2. Platform Time

Once you have the right location figured out a platform has to be prepared to place the modules. You can choose to build the platform from either aluminum rails or from metal rails.

Keep the width and length of the panels in mind when you are designing the mounting system. You have to make sure that the system is strong enough to withstand any extreme weather that comes it’s way. Conduits will have to be run from the point of installation to the inside of your house where the power that is created will be processed.

3. Mounting

Next, the panels will have to be mounted on the platform with either clamps, bolts, or brackets. Whichever method you choose to clamp the modules is up to you, you just have to make sure that they are firmly on the platform.

4. Wiring

Wiring the solar modules together can be done with either a fuse combiner box or with junction connectors. You want to make sure that the cables are well insulated or else you will end up dealing with power leakage and accidents in the future. The exterior wiring will have to be connected with the interior control panels.

This is one of the most crucial stages of the install because wiring something wrong can cause you injury or can ruin the panels. If you do not have experience with electricity, it is best to contact a professional to help you out.

Once everything is wired you have to make sure that the installation has grounding rods to protect the solar system against storms and lightning.

Now You Know How to Install Solar Panels

We hope that now that you know what steps to expect when you make the decision to go solar, you are feeling more prepared. Learning how to install solar panels will come in handy when you are ready to save money on your electric bills.

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