Dog parks offer sprawling yet enclosed areas for our furry friends to frolic. Dogs mostly play because it helps them develop motor skills, build social cohesion, stay prepared for unexpected events and learn coping mechanisms, according to an article by Companion Animal Psychology. In fact, regular play can keep them heart healthy, improve body balance and posture and keep their minds sharp and alert. However, public parks might not work for everyone, especially if your dog is aggressive or ill. Further, while 63 national parks in the US have opened up, communities might not have permitted dog parks to start functioning yet.

The good news is that you can bring the park to your pup. This way your little one will not miss out on the fun, while the pandemic protocols can be maintained thoroughly. Take a look at how to ace the project without having to make major changes to your backyard.

Backyard into a Play Area for Your Dog

Dog Agility Courses

These can promote exercise and interaction between the dog and you, improve their confidence levels, spark their interest and keep them engaged. Work with a company that offers nature-themed objects like tree stumps, logs, and boulders for an authentic feel. Pick according to the fitness levels and temperament. Further, place these items on any one part of the backyard to offer an open play-space.

Furnishing and Amenities

Your backyard should be a safe and enjoyable space for your pooch. Add shades for them to rest, outdoor beds for lounging, comfortable paths for walking and a spot for digging, according to an article by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Doggy crawls, hoop jumps, rover jump over, paws grooming table, stepping paws, weave posts and teeter totters are great for creating a dog-friendly space. However, avoid purchasing benches and rest-stations, since these are not mandatory in the backyard and might clutter the space.

Consider a Splash Pool

A splash pool would be extremely thrilling for dogs, since most are natural swimmers. Almost all breeds are water-friendly and a swimming area can cut down on boredom. In fact, it is a great way to get your dog bathed while cooling down during the summer months. However, if you have a bulldog, basset hound, dachshund or boxer, consider assisting it, since these breeds usually struggle to swim or stay afloat.

Ultimate Safety

Avoid using toxic pesticides, ground covers with sharp edges, plants like aloe and yucca and toys with potential choking hazards, according to an article by Install-It-Direct. Check the dog play equipment for rust and pointed corners. Prepare the space well by mowing and cleaning. Ensure the fences are sturdy enough to keep big breeds like German Shepherds from breaking out while running at top speed. In case stray dogs are strolling in, keep an eye on your pooch to prevent them from getting into an ugly tiff.

Do analyze what you dog likes the most beforehand. If they are lazy, add dog houses and swings where they can chill. For active ones, hoops and jumpers are ideal. Build the backyard according to their personality for enjoyable times ahead.