Peel and Stick wall paper is the ultimate idea for decorating your home in no minute. Without wasting minutes you can just peel and stick that wall paper in your bathroom. It’s the easiest and simplest way to get the gorgeous look in your bathroom. Peel and stick wall paper come in variety of shades and hues to match with your bathroom style. But you must be thinking how to use it. Well relay on us, we are going to show you step by step method of how use peel and stick wall papers in your bathroom.

bathroom wall

Step 1: Bathroom Wall should Be Dried Completely. Yes it’s the most important thing you must consider when you are going to stick the wall paper. You can use air dryer to dry the bathroom walls. Don’t use bathroom for one day, it can help loose moisture from the bathroom. Also see to it that water doesn’t leak during the process. Keep the main water cock off during this process.

Step 2: Take these necessary things along with you when you are ready for custom temporary wallpaper. For example take scissor, measure tape, cutting knife and one flat plastic tool to cement the wallpaper to wallpaper. Take dryer with you before fixing it. Moisture can lead to destroy the whole effect of whole wall paper. You can avoid the unwanted situation by using dryer.

Step 3: first of all measure the wall area. And now cut the wall paper according to the measure. Please do not peel the whole wall paper. Just peel the part that is cut from that paper sheet. You will find all shapes and designs in wall paper online shop. They also provide direction of how to use it. So you can easily use it for ultimate makeover.

Step 4: Now try to remove the peel slowly and instantly rush towards the wall where you have to fix it. Don’t be in a hustle; you have to press it slowly on the wall with hands. Now start pressing it with the plastic tool to fix it to the wall. See to it that air bubbles don’t show during the fixing process. Don’t press too much hard otherwise the paper will tear. Do it softly and smoothly.

Step 5: Follow the same process with other bathroom wall papers. Don’t start cutting the wall paper from the middle. Start cutting it from the starting point and cut the part that is measured. You can reuse the leftover wall paper on another wall.

Bathroom has a lot of moisture and so you need to be very careful when you are fixing the wall paper. After fixing it don’t use bathroom for one day. Let the wall fix the paper on wall. It will take time. Once it gets fixed you are able to use bathroom from next day. Wall Paper is a quick and easiest option for elevating the bathroom look. Wall papers just not enhance the look of bathroom but also help you spend some quality time. Bathroom wall papers are easy to fix and remove so you can change the design whenever you need.

So here is the final introduction of how to use peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom. Not just in bathroom you are able to stick those wall papers on any wall. it is the ultimate source for revamping the beauty of walls. It is available in affordable range so any one can afford it. If you are in the mood to home makeover, use this article as an inspiration.