Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or hosting a barbeque with friends and family, backyard patio lighting is a must-have to help set the mood for your outdoor gathering. There are many versatile landscape lighting products available that offer temperature adjustment and full color options. With smart outdoor lighting control systems and home automation, you can set your lights to come on at sunset or change the color and temperature of your lighting in advance. Choosing a smart system to bring your backyard patio to life gives you control of the look and feel of your outdoor lighting.

Patio Lighting

Things to Consider When Designing Your Patio Lighting

When considering lighting options for your backyard patio it is beneficial to look at your backyard at dusk. Are there certain areas that need more lighting? Planning your design in advance can assist in determining how much lighting you need and the brightness you require. After you assess your lighting needs, you can explore further design features such as color options and product types.

  • Color Options and Brightness Outdoor lighting has become increasingly innovative and is now available in a broad range of color options as well as classic white with a variety of temperatures. Classic white lighting sets a chic tone for any occasion, but with a splash of color you are able to change the whole look and mood of your space. Full color outdoor lighting can transform your backyard patio from basic barbecue to patriotic celebration. In addition to full color options, many systems allow for brightness control. Whether you want a brighter light to illuminate walkways and stairs or a softer hue to highlight the architecture or features of your patio, when you choose a smart system, you can make these adjustments with the touch a button.
  • Smart Home Automation Several lighting systems now offer convenient apps that allow you to control your lights from anywhere and set lighting schedules in advance. Imagine not having to hassle with confusing timers or unreliable sensors! Some lighting systems on the market even have the ability to integrate with other existing smart home automation systems within your home.

Types of Patio Lighting Fixtures

Depending on the layout and features of your backyard patio, there are several types of fixtures to choose from. With the perfect fixture and lighting placement you can completely transform the look of your backyard patio.

  • Accent Lighting Highlight the unique features and details of your backyard with accent lighting. Soft spotlights could enhance the aesthetics of your trees and flower beds, while capstone lighting will reveal the attractive architectural details of your backyard patio.
  • Fire Pit Lights Lighting around your fire pit provides additional safety as well as enhanced beauty of the flames. The right lighting entices guests to congregate around the seating area of the fire pit, with or without a fire!
  • Deck Lighting Beautify and enhance the safety of your deck or patio by installing deck lighting. You and your guests will love spending time on the deck, eating dinner, having drinks, or gazing at the stars with exquisite undermount lights.
  • Pool and Spa Lighting – Pool parties don’t have to stop when the sun goes down when you light up waterfalls and surrounding landscaping. Full-color lighting options offer you the flexibility to complement your pool or spa area for even more fun after dark!
  • Bistro Lights Classic and elegant, bistro lights are the perfect fit for pergolas, dining areas, and pool decks where more lighting is needed. Whether you host gatherings regularly or simply want a change of atmosphere for your backyard, these are perfect for any patio area.
  • Tiki Lights A beautiful combination of style, function and expression, tiki lights create an enjoyable ambiance for summer engagements while keeping away pests. Set the mood for summer entertainment or an ideal relaxing evening. Tiki Lights handsomely beautify any backyard living space.
  • Strip Lighting Use strip lighting anywhere for brightness, emphasis, and areas hard to light. LED Strips provide the ultimate versatility for any lighting project. Use for soffits, tress ceilings, capstone applications and more.
  • Up LightsIlluminate the distinct features of your backyard with simple sleek and modern up lights. These Lights encourage expression and depth and are an excellent way to spotlight trees or landscape design features.
  • Path Lights Create a safe, wandering path of light to guide guests to and from your backyard patio area. Enticing and functional, path lights increase safety while maximizing charm and appeal. Choose from different available styles to fit the uniqueness and the architectural elegance of any patio area.

An inviting backyard patio may potentially have more than one area for relaxation, entertainment, or play. Enhance your entire outdoor entertainment space with patio lighting and savor moments with friends and family morning, noon, and night. Adding outdoor patio accent lighting with smart home automation and full color options is the finishing touch you are looking for!

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Chris McCoy is the founder of Haven Lighting. Haven Lighting is a leading manufacturer of smart Wi-Fi enabled landscape lighting systems, featuring unique LED products with unparalleled brightness, vivid color and white temperature adjustment.