Home extension and renovation is not easy. We all dream of having a beautiful home but with time the definition of beauty changes. Also, there might be a change in your family structure. Your family may be expanded over time and thus the need for rebuilding your home can arise. But you must understand that home extension and renovation is not only about making financial decisions but it also a time taking the process and you will need planning and efficiency at various stages.

Home Extension

Home Extension

Thus, have a look at some of the very important things which you must remember before signing the extension and renovation contract.

#1. Think about Future: You must not go with what are the current trends. But think about the future trends in homemaking. Home extension and renovation services involve a huge cost and thus you would like them to be long term. Thus, this point is very important when you are planning the design and look of your future home.

#2. Permission: This is very important. As soon as you have put your idea or vision on paper, meet the people or regulators who will grant you permission. This will help you to get a realistic view of the home and thus your plans ahead won’t be subject to any more regulations or restriction worries.

#3. Neighbors: Neighbors might be a very important party in your home extension and renovation services. First, find out that how much your new home building is going to affect your neighbors. Secondly, have a chat with them and find out are they ok with it? Also, look for the permits which are involving your neighbors and find out are you not causing any trouble to them legally.

#4. Safety: safety element is very important in planning your new home. Don’t ever ignore this. Make sure that all your safety and security concerns are well taken care of. Also, you also need to make sure that your neighbor’s safety and security concerns are also addressed.

House Renovations

House Renovations

#5. Entry and Exit: Your home extension and renovation service should also think about proper entry and exit. Make sure that your entry and exit are independent, and it won’t interfere with any other person or society or your neighbors.

#6. Current House: This is the point which most people ignore while planning for home extension and renovation services. You might be extending your current home or demolishing it but make sure that your current and new housing plan are in proper sync. Your new and old house should not look two distinct parts, but they should come together beautifully.

#7. Finance: This is a very important step. Home extension and renovation services cost a bomb these days and thus you need to plan well about your finances. Also, you should always bear in mind that the actual costs will definitely extend the quotations or estimated values. Thus, make sure that you are well stocked on your finances. Also, building a house is not the only step. You will be shifting in your new abode and then staying over there which will also be a costly affair. So, you need to calculate all of this together.

#8. Timeline: The actual timeline and the estimated timeline may vary highly. Thus, you must know and be well prepared for the same. Also, you might be asked to vacate the entire house during home extension and renovation services and thus be well prepared with how you are going to manage the expenses and your normal day to day affairs during that time.