Qualified builders produce composite decking with the beauty of the natural wood and yet it is easier to maintain, more durable and longer lasting than wood. The secret is co-extrusion. Decking of high-quality timber or with engineered wood is more popular nowadays, and people hire the installation experts to enhance the resale value of their home. The first generation of the composite decking was manufactured with an extrusion process. These composites did not a decade, degrade like wood but the lacked in outer protective layer. They are not susceptible to molds, fading and staining like as the wood.

How Eco-Friendly Composite Decking is manufactured:

Composite Decking Builders

Composite Decking Builders

As Quality is always the result of the intelligent effort. As we all know eco-friendly composite decking is normally made from lumber mill scraps, locally sourced recycled plastic, as well as some of the other similar kind of materials.

  • Using these material means we prevent more than fifty thousand tons of plastics and other waste from ending up in landfills every year. Plus, our composites prevent further deforestation, are free of toxic elements or chemicals often found in pressure treated lumber and are manufactured in a process that produces zero water waste.
  • Bi- coastal manufacturing facilities help in keeping the product more cost effective and makes the service better with the less cost. The processes are highly efficient and sustainable, resulting in a ninety eight percent recover rate of manufacturing material waste and preventing more than fifty thousand tons of plastics and wood from reaching landfills and incinerators each and every year.

If the Timber Decks are rotten and not in Good Shape, then you need to replace and re-install the same:

It used to be that you only had the choice of a different kind of natural wood, but now there are choices of wood, composites of wood fiber and plastic and a PVC coated composite material. I know it sounds confusing for you to decide which one is the best option for you but before replacing the deck you have to check the requirements of your deck and then decide which material is best choice for you. It will make it easy to understand that which material is best for you. There are three types of synthetic decking available in the market today and this is only you who have to decide the type of decking and then the material of decking. Eco-friendly composite decking was also first to develop multichromatic and embossed decking boards, the first hidden faster system.

What is a Capped Composite Decking? Is it eco-friendly?

Composite Decking Builders

Composite Decking Builders

Unlike first-generation composite decking, capped composites resist mold, sun, bacteria and stains. There are co-extrusion processes to manufacture long lasting, low maintenance products that are incredibly eco-friendly as well.

  • When you hear a term “capped composite”, then it is referring to the outer polymeric cap that is fused onto and around the wood or plastic core material. This cap contains UV inhibitors, antioxidants and mold inhibitors to resist fading and keep your deck looking like a new deck.
  • Qualified composite decking builders will let you know the designs of the decking to choose and as well as they tell you the estimated cost of the composite deck you have to pay to them. Along with these they show you designs and the colors of the decking for outdoor and you can decide the design and color according to your choice.

Qualified composite decking builders are the skilled professionals with the knowledge of custom carpentry to add to your outdoor spaces. They are qualified in constructing outdoor showers, privacy walls, custom railings, benches, storage compartments, built-in planters and many more services are provided by qualified composite decking builders.