For some people, organization comes naturally. For others, it is an ongoing struggle. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses when it comes to getting and staying organized, but there is something that most people agree on: having a well-organized space is nice.

After hiring Pole Barn Builders and having the perfect structure built, the last thing a person wants is for the space to become disorganized and cluttered. Some tips to help avoid clutter and disorganization can be found here.

Why Pole Barn Organization Is So Important

Everyone is guilty of getting out ladders, tools, and other items and never putting them back where they go. This happens all the time. Everyone gets busy, and they may lean the item against the wall, leave it sitting on the workbench, or lying on the ground. This is how a pole barn gets messy quickly.

At this point, most people get frustrated with the mess and with themselves for creating the mess. While pole barns offer a great way to get organized, they often do not stay that way. While this may happen, getting and staying organized does not have to be impossible.

Pole Barn Organized

Pole Barn Organized

1. Store Nails, Screws, and Metal Tools Using a Magnetic Bar

Magnetic bars are easy and simple ways to organize tools that are used daily. They also offer effective ways to store tools for an existing project. With the magnetic bar, it is not necessary to put items away and then have to pull them back out when working on the project again.

With this type of bar in place, a person does not have to worry about misplacing or losing nails or screws needed for woodworking projects.

If a person is into gardening, the magnetic bar can be an effective way to store garden tools, too. It also helps to keep them off the floor or workbench. These bars not only keep the pole barn organized but will make it easy to find the items needed when they are needed.

A pro tip when selecting a magnetic bar is to select one that is strong enough. Heavier tools require a higher level of magnetic power.

2. Install Pegboard for Additional Tool Storage

Pegboard can be purchased at any lumber or hardware store. It is a common way to get organized and can be mounted right on the wall. If a person chooses to install pegboard in their pole barn, it will ensure their tools and equipment are always easy to find and access.

Another benefit offered by using pegboard is that it will free up floor space. No more worrying where a socket or screwdriver is. It will be hanging on the pegboard right where it was left.

For additional organizational benefits when using pegboard, consider labeling where each tool belongs. This makes it easier to clean up at the end of the day.

3. If There is Limited Space, Use Open Shelving

Pole barns come in all sizes. Sometimes, the size of the pole barn a person wants or needs does not fit with the budget they have for the building. This means sacrifices must be made. Usually, the sacrifice will be with the pole barn’s size. When limited space is present, it is a good idea to figure out how the space can be utilized best. In some cases, the answer to this is to modify the walls by using open shelving. With open shelving, it is possible to create more space, which will free up the floor and help the pole barn look more spacious than it is.

Open shelving is the perfect storage option for an array of things. For example, are there totes of seasonal décor that is taking up space in a closet? If so, now is the time to store them on the recently installed shelving.

To store even more items, it is a good idea to make the shelves deeper. It is also possible to construct the shelves so they fit from the ceiling to the floor.

4. Keep Chemicals in Storage Containers

It is not uncommon to have chemicals stored in a pole building. This is especially true for those who work in the agricultural industry or handle vehicle maintenance in the pole barn. After all, the chemicals must be stored somewhere.

It is also common to store things like paint, pesticide spray, and weed killer in a pole barn. While this is true, all these items are very toxic, and some can be flammable in confined spaces. As a person is trying to figure out how to organize the pole barn, it is important to make sure the chemicals do not contaminate the ground, floor, or the supply of water in the ground. One of the best ways to do this is by taking them off the pole barn floor.

When potentially hazardous chemicals are put in a plastic storage container, it is possible to keep them in one place and make sure pets and children cannot access them. It will also minimize outside exposure. There are a few ways to store chemicals. One option is using heavy-duty plastic bins that can easily slide in and out of a shelf.

Some things to keep in mind when storing chemicals include keeping the chemicals in their original containers and storing any like items together. This will help ensure they can be easily located when needed. Also, keep the chemicals out of the sun and the reach of kids and pets. If someone does get into the chemicals, be sure to contact the Centers for Disease Control or Poison Control to find out what to do.

5. Buy Free-Standing Shelves

In some situations, issues can arise. After a pole barn is constructed, some people are out of funds. Now is the time to finish the shed with free-standing shelves. These shelves are a simple and affordable way to add more storage space to the building. They are helpful to store bulkier items and an easy solution to get things off the floor.

Keep in mind, though, when free-standing shelves are used, they have the potential to tip over. This is why it is a good idea to anchor them to the wall. This is going to prevent any potential accidents.

6. Use Hooks for Hanging Hoses and Cords

Another storage idea for pole barns is to use hose hooks. After all, there is not anything quite as frustrating as a tangled extension cord or hose. In fact, they are almost as bad as tangled Christmas lights.

If a person is feeling extra crafty, it is possible to use PVC pipe for hose and cord organization. Both ideas will keep the pole barn better organized, and the cords and hoses will not be as likely to get tangled. It is possible to purchase hose hooks for about $5 each at a local hardware store. This makes this organization tip effective and affordable.

7. Install a Workbench

There is not anything more difficult than having to work using sawhorses that are uneven or have seen better days. However, there is a simple solution to this problem that will help ensure projects are more efficient: build a workbench.

Workbenches are the ideal solution for any pole barn or post frame building. When a workbench is installed, the person working in the pole barn will have a single location for working on projects. Workbenches can also provide another organization tool. That is because it is possible to install shelving or cabinets under them.

Before constructing a workbench, be sure to tape off the area to see the amount of space available. This is a smart way to figure out how big the area a person has to work with is.

Tips for Keeping a Pole Barn Organized

When it comes to a pole barn, there are a variety of factors that must be considered. When it comes to keeping this space organized, using the tips and ideas above is a good place to start. However, do not stop there.

It is necessary to keep the space organized by always putting things back where they go after they are used. Failure to do this is going to lead to a disorganized and cluttered area quickly.

Remember, pole barns are a great investment. They can serve an array of amazing purposes and help anyone clean out their home or garage. With this extra storage space, a person may even be able to take items out of outside storage and stop paying the monthly fee, which is going to help them save money in the long run.

If someone is not sure how to get organized on their own or if they need help, hiring the professionals is a smart move. The experts will make short work of organizing the space regardless of how big or small it is or how many things are already inside. Being informed and knowing what to do are the best ways to make the most of a pole barn.