When you’re considering how to handle the problem of home décor, you’re probably thinking about a variety of concepts. However, it’s unlikely that you’ve thought of the structural context behind your home décor. In fact, especially if you’re planning to do any type of renovations to achieve your picture-perfect home, you should absolutely think about the things that are supporting that home. Here’s why you should think about your crawl space when it comes to home décor.
Crawl Space

Crawl Space

An Uninspected Crawl Space Could Be Dangerous

The truth is, if you’ve never been into your crawl space, you don’t really know what’s underneath there. It can even be dangerous if you don’t know much about what’s happening under your home. That’s because when you don’t know what’s going on underneath your home, you may be ignoring some crucial features that could have a serious impact on your home’s security.

These features could be external, like something hidden under your crawl space, or internal, like mold that’s eating away at your floor joists. Either way, it’s extremely important that you understand what’s going on under your crawl space before you start decorating above it. You never know what could be the final straw.

The Creepy Things You May Find in Your Crawl Space

What are some of the creepy things you might find in your crawl space, anyway? There are lots of things you might see in a crawl space.

The first section of creepy things is animals. Because animals are of course plentiful in the world, it’s fairly common for people to discover animals that have made their way into a crawl space.

These are some of the animals you may discover when you finally clean out your crawl space:

  • Rodent and Bug Infestations
  • Snakes
  • Wild Animal Homes
  • Animal Bones

What about plants? It’s also possible to see plants underneath your home. They might not seem as dangerous as animals, but you should definitely take them seriously. These plants can have serious negative impacts on your structural stability and wellbeing:

  • Mold
  • Invasive Plants

Less common but still worrying is the potential for criminal items hidden under your home. Although it’s unlikely to find anything criminal under your home unless you’re involved in that criminal activity, these are some of the criminal items people have found in the past:

  • Mysterious Locked Cabinets
  • Mob Cash
  • Guns and Weapons
  • People Living Under You

What about when it comes to history? It’s possible for you to find incredible historical information left behind from decades or even centuries ago underneath your floorboards. Sure, these things might not have an impact on your home décor, but they could actually impact your home’s safety:

  • Unexploded Artillery
  • Disturbing Journals
  • Ghosts
  • Ghouls

Lastly is structural problems. These are the most important problems to pay attention to, especially if you’re thinking of changing the décor in your home. You shouldn’t put in additional furniture, for example, if your floor joists are already straining under the weight of the décor you have right now. Fixing your structural problems is extremely important in this situation.

You Need to Handle Your Crawl Space First

No matter what, it’s important that you have an expert look into your crawl space issues before you start decorating your home. If you’re just moving around a few surface-level items, that’s one thing. If you’re considering renovating or changing out entire rooms, that’s another. Talk to an expert so you can find out more about how you can avoid these spooky crawl space disasters. You’ll be more well-equipped to decorate your home with no fear.