We’ve almost made it through another dreary winter and most of the population are probably aching to get outside and feel some sunshine and warmth. But why wait?

As we navigate through that time of year where we need sweaters in the morning and shorts by the afternoon, let’s look at ways you can stay warm and start enjoying garden parties without waiting for summer to begin.

garden parties

Patio Heaters

As pictured above, your favourite pub might have one of these devices, resembling a futuristic floor lamp that will keep you warm in the beer garden during your office Christmas parties. Why not take the afterparty back to your place by purchasing one of these patio heaters for your own personal beer garden?

Perfect for enjoying the early spring with family, a patio heater will allow you to stay in the great outdoors for longer. We all know that all the best conversations happen in the garden.

Perhaps you have a birthday in February or March but think it’s still too cold to have a barbecue and a few drinks outside – a patio heater will solve all these problems.

So enjoy your winter birthday in style and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If they do, watch their attitude change as they bathe in the warmth and glory of your patio heater. Just try not to be too smug about it.

Patio Heaters

Fire Pits

Fire will definitely keep you warm, and a fire pit will keep you warm in style. Fire pits come in a range of shapes and styles and investing in one could create the centrepiece your garden needs. Everyone will be clambering to sit around it.

Fire pits can start fairly basic looking, like a big bowl of fire, or they can be more extravagant. You can get square or circular fire pits made of materials like stone, which can go great with a garden that has a natural aesthetic or paving. Some designs even have a tabletop space, allowing you to rest your food or drink on while you relax and socialise.

Fire Up the Barbecue

It’s never too early or cold to fire up the grill. In fact doing so will keep you plenty warm. As will filling up on delicious barbecued food and a few drinks. Whether it’s beer, some mulled wine or even a hot chocolate.

Layer Up

Whilst we’ve still got a few more weeks of cold, winter is the perfect time to get fashionable by layering up and showing off all of your best clothes at once. Maybe you recently went on a shopping spree during the January sales or got a fancy new winter coat for Christmas. Now is the perfect time to show it off. Let everyone else know to layer up too.

Bring Blankets

For even more layers, make sure you have plenty of blankets to go around. Leave them on your garden chairs for guests to use as and when needed.

Shelter with Gazebos

Investing in a gazebo could be a solution for all year round. They can protect you from getting sunburnt and keep you dry during spring showers. Using the gazebo as a base and then enclosing the area by putting it near your garden fence or close to your house will keep it cosy. You’ll also be shielded from cold breezes.


Similar to fire pits, a chiminea will provide a heat source for your garden – though the fire itself will be more closed off than a fire pit. This might mean less of a spread of heat but is also good if safety is a concern and you have small children running around the family garden party.

Chimineas stand upright so are a great space saver, some can also have a grill inserted for making some food.

Any Night Can Be Bonfire Night

Perhaps the simplest and most budget friendly option on the list, have a bonfire! All you’ll need is an incinerator bin that can be purchased for about £20 and some firewood that you might even have already lying around.

It’s Never Too Early

Don’t let your garden go to waste by waiting for summer, try a combination of these methods and wave goodbye to winter with an early garden party.