Finding the right contractor to fix or replace your roof is often difficult. To find a reliable and trustworthy contractor, you will have to navigate the maze of unskilled and “knock-on-the-door” roofing contractors.

Here are the ten most important tips to help you select a roofing contractor. Keep these tips in mind so you can choose the right contractor.

How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractor

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Clear Communication with the Contractor

Do you promptly get a response from your contractor to your calls or emails? Are they quick to respond to your emails and provide all the required documentation? If they do not, please let them know. For any business partnership to work, communication is essential. Likely, you will not be satisfied with the way your contractor treats you during the consultations.

Check for Licenses

Check to make sure the roofing contractor/business is legal by asking for their tax identification numbers, a business address, email address, and a contact phone number. Some areas don’t require roofing contractors with licenses. If that is true, I recommend you still choose a contractor Roofing Service Virginia Beach VA, who does have one. It is important to ask about insurance and licensure before hiring a roofing contractor.

Licensing and Insurance

The best roofing companies should be licensed and fully insured to work in your area. A valid license proves that the company’s registration and legitimacy are maintained.

Also, the contractor should have liability and worker’s insurance. When dealing with delicate roofing materials and structures, it is crucial to have general liability coverage. It is important to ask for proof that you have insurance coverage when hiring a roofing contractor for safety reasons.

You might also request the contractor’s tax identification number and business permit to obtain a license. While these may seem like trivial details, they are vital for certain situations. For example, you file a claim for damages or report an incident (e.g., roof leaks, fraud, and installation error).

Professionalism Is What You Need

Only use a certified and licensed roofer. If you want a licensed contractor to work on your roof, they should also have workers’ comp and liability insurance. You should request to see the certificates of your roofer and call their insurance carrier to verify their enrollment. This protects you from being held responsible in the event of any accidents. This protects your roof in case of future problems.

Find a Local Roofer

It is beneficial to hire local roofers for several reasons. First, it is easier to contact them with a roof problem. It’s great to have a 5-year warranty, but you won’t know if you have got them at the end. Local roofing companies better provide annual maintenance services. It is easier and cheaper to do business with them. Check reviews to see if the business has earned a good reputation before hiring them.

Budget for Roof Replacement

Roofers will work with you to meet your budget. But the best roofing contractors won’t use inferior products to reduce costs.

Although you may pay more for high-quality materials, they are more durable and will last you longer. That means you can save money down the road. Cost depends on many things, such as the size and complexity of the roof, the cost of removal, and the waste involved.

Multiple Quotes

It’s just like shopping for something expensive and important: choosing the best roofing contractor is as easy as buying a car. You won’t always buy the first product you see.

Also, you want to compare all options before you make a decision. It’s reasonable to ask for multiple quotes from different contractors. Ask several companies to give you an estimate on materials and labor and the project’s total cost.

If your friends or family know of a good local roofer, they can recommend them.

Ask Your Family and Friends

You’re sure to find dozens of roofing contractors in your area. A great place to start is to ask family and friends for referrals. Your loved ones are likely to review any company they use, making you feel more confident.

Even if they don’t know of anyone who’s had their roof replaced recently, they’ll be able to recommend someone. They might have neighbors or close friends who recently repaired their roof and can guide you.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are good to start, regardless of whether you have received a few positive recommendations. Even though one person in your family may have enjoyed a positive experience, you want to ensure it’s not an isolated event. You want to select a business with a minimum of four stars and has a lot of reviews on Google. A few negative reviews shouldn’t be cause for concern.

However, it is good to read through them and identify the problem. If you find that they are all complaining about the same thing (and that is a deal-breaker), you might be able to move on to the next possible company.

Ask About Unexpected Repairs

Emergency and unplanned repairs are often more common than the exception for home improvements. Once you begin to tear down walls or cabinets, there are likely to be additional issues that will need to be addressed. Roofs can work in the same manner. Sometimes, decking may be rotten or damaged from moisture.

In other cases, crew members discover water damage that needs repair before further moisture can get inside a property.

Ask About Warranties

For roofing services, it is important to have a warranty. If a service comes with a contract, you will be completely satisfied with its quality. These warranties will guarantee that the project is completed per your requirements or that additional services are provided until the project meets your specific needs. The right warranty services will ensure your roof meets all of your expectations and is completed according to the specifications.


No matter which company or individual you want to request services from, it is important that you check these things. These factors are important as poor artistry can cause you to spend more on repairs. Properly installing a roof should last a minimum of 15 years. It is therefore essential that you find the right roofing contractor. These are just a few factors that will help you make your search easier.