The progression of time with technological evolution has propelled man to cultivate the concepts of multitasking and functionality. Times were much simpler when bathrooms would do the necessary service of attending to your toiletry needs and luxury with not a given. However, the scenario is much different now. Modern bathroom designs are more of a retreat that one needs to experience in life to realize their pleasure truly.

Bathroom Designs

Here’s a detailed breakdown of five bathroom designs that were designed by famous interior designers.

Minosa Design 

Let’s begin with the Minosa design that effortlessly designed an exotic bathroom on an elevated Carrera marble platform. The designer bathroom features a designer bathtub and custom made stainless-steel shower head. Furthermore, you will also get an attached all with carved niches to store your cleaning products.

The bathroom design is supremely complemented by a mirror as well. When it comes to flooring, ceramic tile of dark grey shade has been used. The occupant will have no shortage of storage to keep dirty laundry, toiletries, and towels.

Charles Holland & Grayson Perry 

This modern bathroom design features a stunning custom made shower. The reclining further complements this in the bath area. Both the areas come with two shades of green with brass fittings for aesthetic brilliance.

Although the occupants can monitor the rest of the house’s activity, a one-sided mirror film is applied that provides complete and absolute privacy. Additionally, the flooring is done with white tiles with grouting if you go down the stairs.


Many Westerners, especially the US population, are fascinated by hammams (traditional Turkish bathrooms). In this bathroom design, you will have the authentic and superior experience of a hamam with a glass frontier. It involves tadelakt-an original Moroccan plaster derived from sand, limestone, and coated olive-oil soap. The flooring and the walls are covered with polished stones, whereas a designer bathtub is the central focus of attraction.

Steve Hermann Design 

These hotel suite bathrooms have been heavily influenced by midcentury modern interior designs- similar to the golden era Hollywood films. The bathrooms contain countertops of marble build and walnut cabinets. Furthermore, they are decorated with brass hardware. Additionally, you can also notice an exposed bulb dangling midair as well.

Mark Zeff

Lastly, in this Markzeff, the bathroom flooring is done using a nineteenth-century technique. In this technique, the designer has applied some botanic style onto the framework before letting the cement tile dry up. The bathroom is further decorated with two layers of exotic curtains- blackouts and shears, to be specific. They are operable to retract into the top ceiling.


There are plenty of interior designers who have designed lavish living suites and exotic accommodations for private luxury. While it’s a healthy habit to look into their work, you should instead notice their eye for comfort and convenience rather than an extravagance. If you want to learn more, please reach out to designer bathroom renovations Port Macquarie.