Waiting is a game no one likes to play! However, a warm and interesting waiting room can make this whole process more tolerable. No wonder that so much attention is given to building waiting lounges and rooms in clinics, corporate offices, hotels etc. A pleasant waiting room needs to incorporate few things to make sure it caters well to keep the people’s mood nice.

Waiting Room Design

Waiting Room Design

The must-have 5 things in any waiting rooms are as follows:

  • Establish a theme for the room: You might have a million ideas about how to light the room or what kind of office furniture you want to set, however, these ideas need to be tied with a common string called theme. If you can pick on a theme at the initial stages of designing itself you would be making other things in the process very easy for yourself.The theme of your waiting room would primarily include the color scheme of the room, the textures of the walls and the material used to create the furniture.To establish a theme that is relevant and appropriate for the place, you need to primarily keep in mind the kind of customers or people that are going to wait in this waiting room. For example: for a children’s clinic you may want to keep the theme and the color scheme of the waiting room very vibrant and playful.
  • Light up the room in the right way: Though often neglected, lighting is one of the most important elements that can transform the ultimate look and feel of any waiting room. Natural light would be a great addition to create a warm atmosphere; however, not in every space can they have the luxury of natural lighting. Hence, choosing the lighting and their placement can make a world of difference.Understandably, every space would need different lighting. You might not want to have too bright lights in clinics; on the other hand, you would want to have bright lights incorporate waiting rooms. It is all about striking a balance.
  • Office furniture that doesn’t only look good: No doubt that the furniture of the waiting room should look good and go well with the theme you have established for the room. However, you need to make sure that apart from sitting well with the aesthetics of the rest of the room, the furniture of your waiting room should also be comfortable to sit for a longer timer.Even in cases when the customers or patients have to sit and wait for a while, the furniture should be comfortable. More so, if you are designing a waiting room for the hospital and clinics, given the people waiting would be patients, you have to take extra care in picking the appropriate furniture. While selecting office furniture online or in the store these parameters are something you need to care for. Even if you end up choosing plain furniture, you could add some pop of color with cushions and throws to round it all up effectively.
  • Experiment with engaging artwork: Another space where you can showcase some color is your artwork. It can be in the form of paintings hanging from the walls, abstract metal wall hangings, artistic mirrors or colorful vases set in corners. However, the artwork can’t be radically different from the rest of the theme or completely irrelevant to the place. For example, traditional ethnic and religious paintings might not set the right tone in a corporate waiting room.In case you are designing a smaller waiting room, artistic mirrors or for a fact plain mirrors placed on the right walls and in proper angels could help in creating an illusion of a bigger space.
  • Always include something to read: While people are waiting, the period would seem much longer if they have nothing to do. Hence, the most effective way to engage them temporarily is to keep some reading material in their reach. This material can range from newspapers to magazines to journals.It is best to not put out complex reading material like intense journals, rather stick to something generic and still relevant to the place of the waiting room. For example, you can keep a selection of beauty and lifestyle magazines in a waiting lounge of a spa.

If you can get the above five things right, you can design a great and relevant waiting room for yourselves or for your client.

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