Technological development has made it easier for companies to have tools and equipment that can simplify the work. Vacuum pump products find application in different industries, but they tend to get worn out because of constant use and corrosive gases. The vacuum pump products have a water ring, and earlier, the corrosion problem impacted the functioning of the motor. Hence, to solve this problem the industry has now shifted to a better alternative of opting for water ring pump.

water ring pump

What are water ring pump?

A water ring pump is a device used to produce and improve the Vacuum in a closed space. Various factors work together to ensure that this vacuum pump functions properly, and the water ring pump plays a key role in it.  So, when it comes to choosing the one, you have to assess it on different parameters.

The higher strength, corrosion-resistant material used ensures that the water ring pump works excellently against the corrosion-resistant. It also ensures energy efficiency and maximization of productivity.

This ring pump is suitable for pumping or pressing air, acidic gases, and liquid without crystallization ad hence it finds application industries like :

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharma industry
  • Industries related to vacuum filtration vacuum, evaporation, vacuum distillation, and plastic molding.

Note: It is important to note that industries using the byproducts of gases like HCL should use the liquid ring vacuum pump. It is effective in compressing such gases and other by-products without getting impacted. Thus, using a water ring pump ensures that the pump works more efficiently and ensures that no such harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. Thus it keeps the atmosphere clean.

So, if you are planning to buy one for your requirement, you must know what exactly are you looking for; there are several brands selling the water ring vacuum pump. Choosing the one from the crowd of so many brands can be a challenging task, but with some basic information, it will be easier for you to make the right decision.

Key parameters to consider:

Choose a lower speed- You can find water ring pumps of different speeds. Like the larger pump, the impeller has a larger diameter, and so its speed is slow. With this pump, you will achieve the same air extraction, but the power consumption is much less. So, with lesser energy consumption, you get effective results.

Water temperatureThe temperature of the water impacts the performance curve of the vacuum pump. Hence, before choosing the water ring vacuum pump, you must check the impact of actual water temperature on gas volume. As per the industry standards, the temperature should ideally be between 25 ℃ and 35 ℃.

The suction resistance- The next important factor that you need to consider is suction resistance. For example, the gas suction location is under the coal well, far from the water ring pump. The section pipeline is too long in this case, and hence the suction resistance loos must be considered.

Pumping rate- One of the key factors that you should consider is the pumping rate. It is usually written as m3 / s or L / s. The pumping rate is the ratio of gases that flows through the test cover and the equilibrium pressure calibrated at a certain position of the test cover.

Wrapping it up !!!

These are some of the key parameters that you must consider when investing in a water ring pump. Nowadays, companies are looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to complete their work, and the water ring pump plays an important role in this.